Cutting Hurts Babe

Book 1
Isabella used to be the most happiest girl ever until she started to get picked on by everybody about her self harming and having an eating disorder. Everybody makes fun of her so she starts to get bad depression and self harm. What happens when Harry, his friends, Isabella's friends, and her older sister try and help her. will it be too late?

Cover by: Qveendom
Trailer by: .δεπιαll.☹.☹

© Copyright 2014 HarrehXOXOStyles. All rights reserved


20. Finding myself

Isabella’s pov

Today is the first day without thinking about Liam, Harry or anybody. It’s been 4 months since i’ve moved out, and stayed away. I couldn’t bear to stay in that same flat where bad things continued to happen to me. I refused to be put down. The day that I realized that I had enough I knew that I had to leave. No more tears, cutting, and university. I fell into a dark place until I started therapy. Dr. Stanley helped me get through; depression, self-harming, starving myself, and much more. I was so angry, and hurt until I got help. Now that it’s been 4 months, and i’ve been clean I am a new person. I started uni again, but transferred, and have a new job working for seventeen magazine. My job is my life now, I put it first and it will stay that way. I’ve been taking time away from everything in life to be independent. You're probably wondering where’s Harry, and what happened to him.

Well, the day I decided to leave was a very hard day for me. Harry means the world to me, and he know’s it. I told him that I needed to get far away and, get myself together; before we can go any further in our relationship . He’s my backbone, my stone, my heart, and everything that I could want. I did this for him. I had to get better for him, and I that’s what did. On some days he would keep me updated with him, and the boys. It’s bittersweet that every month he pays me a visit, but this month was different. There was no longer any visits, phone calls, nothing.

Paige my new friend/co-worker is amazing. She lives down the street from me, and comes over when we’re both not working. Her personality is almost like mine, she gives me advice, tips, and she pushes me to do things that I normally don’t do because she know’s that some of the things that we do can be life changing.

I hear my phone ring from the kitchen counter. I run to it, and answer it. I look at who the person is and see that my boss Elisa Benson is calling me. I work in the fashion, features, beauty, and photography department.

“Hello” I say

“Hey Belle, i’m sorry to inform you so late, but can you come in to have a photo shoot and sit in on an interview with One Direction?” she says with sympathy in her voice

“It’s fine, I can come in now” I say back to her

“Great!” she says before ending the phone call

Today was suppose to be my off day, but instead i’m working, and to make matters worse I have to see Harry, and the boys. I began to panic.  I start to take deep breaths while sitting criss cross applesauce at the foot of my bed. I began to pick with my nails. While I look for my pencil skirt, and blazer I began to apply my foundation to my face along with some mascara, gel eyeliner, and eyeshadow. Within minutes i’m all dressed and headed downstairs to grab a muffin, coffee, and lastly my heels.

When I grab my keys and head to the elevators I just sit there and think after pressing the button to go to the garage. When I reach the ground level I walk quickly looking at the time. “Damn I only have 20 minutes to get there, and set up” I say to myself. I drive getting through traffic, and making it in time. As soon as I get to my floor I dig my phone out of my bag, and accidently bump into someone dropping my planner, and schedules on the ground. “Sorry love” the person says. When I have all my things back in my hand. I look up and almost panic.


Harry’s Pov


The lads and I were getting up to go to seventeen magazine. There was a last minute interview that we all had to attend. I didn’t want to go, but if management makes you go then I guess I have to attend. When I go into the kitchen to get a quick snack I see Molly. Molly is my fake/hired girlfriend that management made me get, after Belle left because I was a mess. I really tried to find a girl so similar to Belle, but I couldn’t. There was nobody that came close to being her. Now i’m stuck with her for 3 more months. I used to call and check up on her and visit her, but I had to lose contact with her because of Molly.  

“Are you coming along with us I ask her” without looking at her

“Yeah, unfortunately I have to, Paul is making me go” she says with a snobby look on her face

I just turn back around and head back into the room that me and Niall share to put a shirt on. When i’m done the rest of the lads are waiting by the door. “Ready Harry” Paul asks. I just nod and then we head off to the car. When we get to the car everybody piled in quickly so that the fans would back away from the car. Everybody was doing there own thing while we waited for traffic until management called me.

“Hello” I answered

“Harry I was wondering if this weekend would be good to take Molly to meet your family”

“U-Um yeah sure” I say back a bit annoyed

“Ok then on Friday when you leave, there will be a private jet sent to you”

“Alright” were my last words before I hung up the phone

I just sigh and lean my head on the window. I can’t believe i’m taking some girl that’s not even my real girlfriend to meet my family. What will mum, and Gemma say. That’s all I thought about until Liam tapped me and told me that we arrived at seventeen magazine building. I got out grabbing Molly’s hand and walking with her. I swear if management wasn’t making me do this she would be walking by herself.

When me and Molly, and the boys get into the building and in the elevator. I stand by the wall holding onto the railing because I hate elevators. The boys give me a smile because they know that I hate elevators also. When the elevator dings and we step out I tell Molly that i’m going to go to the restroom.

She didn’t say anything so I just shrugged. One my way to the restroom I get on twitter to see what’s new. I began to tweet. @Harry_Styles Good Morning, directioners hope today is going well x

I scroll through my feed, and keep walking until, I accidently bump into a girl. “Sorry love” I say to her; before helping her pick up some schedules up off the floor. When I look up and hand her all of the loose papers I stare at her. “Belle, is t-t-that you” I stumble on my words. She doesn’t say anything, but look at me.

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