Cutting Hurts Babe

Book 1
Isabella used to be the most happiest girl ever until she started to get picked on by everybody about her self harming and having an eating disorder. Everybody makes fun of her so she starts to get bad depression and self harm. What happens when Harry, his friends, Isabella's friends, and her older sister try and help her. will it be too late?

Cover by: Qveendom
Trailer by: .δεπιαll.☹.☹

© Copyright 2014 HarrehXOXOStyles. All rights reserved


6. Concert Part 2

Isabella Pov
Now that I got my gifts it was time to eat. When our food got to the table I kept laughing at Niall! That is one crazy boy. I never thought his obsession with food was like that.

It was quiet. Since nobody was talking and eating. Harry decided to break the silence.

"So Isabella where you from?"

"I'm from Lancaster"

"That's really cool. Why did you move here?"

"I go to school for photography with Miranda and also my parents wanted to move here so they did about 5 years ago"

Harry kept asking questions until Louis told him it was enough. I really like Louis. He's really respected of others. Like he doesn't want to get personal with people he don't know or have them tell there story.

Jesy Pov
Dinner was going so perfect. I didn't want to be rude but I kept seeing a big red bruise on Bell's cheek. Maybe I should pull her to the wash room and ask her.

"Hey bell can you come to the wash room with me?"

"Yeah sure thing. Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine I just really wanted to get from this table and talk to you for a minute"

"Alright. I'll meet you in the wash room"

Isabella Pov
When I stepped in the wash room I was getting nervous. Anything can happen or she can bring up something about us not keeping connected while she was away.

"Hey bell I wanted to ask you something"

"You can ask me anything Jesy"

"Alright well um what happened to your face? please don't tell me that you fell"

"Jesy I accidentally fell in the shower"

"Are you sure? don't lie to me. Miranda told me that you had your door locked and you seem that you were scared. Bell please tell me who hit you"

"Your right. I'm sorry I shouldn't lie to my bestfriend"

"Please I just want to help. Also the person who did this to you is going to pay"

After our conversation we both leave the ladies room. Jesy doesn't look to happy. While we're walking out I'm just thinking about what Jesy is going to say to Holly.

Jesy Pov
Bell finally told me and I wasn't happy. As soon as I got to the table I pulled Jade, Perrie, and Leigh-Ann.

"Guys I need a big favor from you"

"Well what is it Jesy?"

"Did you guys see that big red bruise bell had on her cheek?"

"Yeah but what happened?"

"Somebody hit her but I don't know who"

"So what do you want us to do?"

"I need for you girls to stall bell so I can find out that bitch that touched my bestfriend. I hate to do this but we need the boys help.

"Alright we can try to stall her; sounds like a plan"

*Hour later*

Harry Pov
Dinner is almost over and the girls have been acting weird. First, Jesy and Isabella go to the ladies room. Then, the girls walked away to chat. It's been a really weird night.

As I was thinking Isabella turned around to face me and that's when I noticed a big mark on her face.

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