Cutting Hurts Babe

Book 1
Isabella used to be the most happiest girl ever until she started to get picked on by everybody about her self harming and having an eating disorder. Everybody makes fun of her so she starts to get bad depression and self harm. What happens when Harry, his friends, Isabella's friends, and her older sister try and help her. will it be too late?

Cover by: Qveendom
Trailer by: .δεπιαll.☹.☹

© Copyright 2014 HarrehXOXOStyles. All rights reserved


11. Changes

Isabella Pov

It's been a month now that I've been on my own. I go to a different photography art academy now and I start tomorrow. I'm really nervous because I'm going to be the new girl.

I'm going to have to get to know all my surroundings. It's really hard to start all over again with people I don't know or trust.

I've been getting used to Liam and Harry. They come around a lot more than the other boys. They come and check up on me daily and it's kind of good because I don't really feel alone anymore!

Also things between me and Liam are getting really serious. At first Harry was being a jerk but then he understood that me and Liam had a connection.

Soon after me and Liam have been getting serious. Harry found a nice girl! Her name is Alice and she's really pretty. I'm happy for them both!

Liam Pov
Things between Bell and I have been great! We do a lot of things together but today seems different. She hasn't texted me or called me like she normally would.

Starting to worry about her because this normally don't happen. Don't get me wrong she can be sleeping but I miss her so much. Her soft pale skin against my skin and her beautiful blue eyes.

Waking up to such a beauty as her is different. The way she sleeps and wears my shirts to bed. The way she comes up to me and cuddles me while laying her head on my chest. I miss that a lot.

I turn over to look at the clock saying 8:03 a.m. Then something came to mind! Bell's first day is today at an new photography art academy. Maybe I should get up and buy her some Starbucks and take her to school!

After laying there for what seemed like forever I finally got up and took a shower and threw on some nice pants with one of my black shirts.

Then I left a good morning message to her. "Good morning babe! Hope today goes good. Call me if you need anything. I love you so much Bell" 

Soon as I was grabbing my car keys my phone buzzed. I read her message that said "Thanks baby. I wish that you could be here with me :( I'm so nervous. I love you so much to Liam"

After I got in the car I texted her back quickly.

"It's ok love I'm going to be right there with you. I promise ok? Would you please let me pick you up and take you? I really want to be there with you and also make sure you get there alright"

"Ok. I would like that a lot! I'm ready! I want to see you also! Do you think that you can pick me up after to?

"I'm not sure baby girl. I have to meet the lads today at the studio and we have an interview. But I'll see if I can leave for a few to come get you"

After making my way past all that traffic I begin to make my way in to Starbucks. "Can I take your order" the cashier said "ill take a Grande Double Chocolaty Chip Frappé, a medium mocha no cream, and a big chocolate muffin" I said while smiling "alright that will be 18 pounds" the cashier said.

When I left to get in the car. I took out a sharpie and on Bell's cup I decided to write something on it. It said "Princess I love you so much and have a good day! I'll be here with you no matter what. so much kisses!
-xoxo Liam

After I got everything together I headed to Bell's house while drinking my mocha.

Isabella Pov
After all my clothes are on I decide to just curl the ends of my hair and put my pretty hair piece on. Liam liked when I wear an hair piece!

When I'm done with my hair and makeup there is a knock on my door. I quickly get up and go answer the door. To my surprise it's Liam!

I hugged him some what because he had things in his hands. "good morning babe" I say "good morning love" he said while putting the bag down on the counter.

He picked me up tightly and gave me a big cuddle hug and a nice kiss. We stood there staring into each others eyes while his hands rested tightly on my waist.

We sat there in silence into he stared to kiss me again but only kissing me with so much pleasure. He starts to suck on my bottom lip and biting my bottom lip. He then starts to move his tongue around asking for entrance.

Both of us sat there for a couple and then realize that we should get going. "Come on love. Don't wanna be late!" He said kissing my forehead. He showed me the bag and I opened it up to see my frappe and muffin. I read the side of my cup and started to tear up.

"Is everything ok babe?" Liam asks

"Yeah. It's just so sweet of you baby to go out your way to get me this" I say wiping my tears. "It's fine love! I wanted to get you this" he says while kissing my cheek. "Bell come on your going to be late" he said

This morning has been the best and hopefully it stays like that because I've been really happy with myself!

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