A strange thing called love a short story

Lily Is a fairy. She has not a care in the world until Jason shows up. For her it's love at fist sight but there's a problem... Fairy's cant love humans. Will lily give up her life for this boy?


5. The fairy spell

 I awoke that night. I didn't know why I was up but my body did whatever it wanted. I flew to the boarder. A fairy in a black hood was floating on the edge of of the creek. "I am here." I said, not of my own will. The fairy put down her hood. Kiara! "Good. Now what do you really want?" She asked. "To cross the boarder and get the boy to love me." Still no control. "Alright I shall give it to you... For a price." She smiled wickedly. I felt my self be released. "What... Is... It?" I said breathlessly. "Your wings," I smiled. "Ok," she smiled. "Uhh uhh uhh, I wasn't finished. Your wings and... Your mothers." I gave her a shocked look. "Oh Lily, nothing comes free!" She laughed. Again I was unable to control my self. "Okay." A green and purple cloud surrounded me and it whet black.


   Authors note: hope you enjoyed!

         <3 Ferretsrock982 

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