The phantom of the opera YOUTUBERS

This is my new phantom of the opera series that i will be doing I'm starting it off with..... YOUTUBERS! and then i will be doing:

one direction
5 seconds of summer
little mix
hunger games and maybe the fault in our stars

if they do well i will definitely be posting a sequel to most of them called "love never dies" check out the following youtubers who are staring as my leads

Zoella sugg: christine
alfie : raoul
joey graceffa: the phantom
louise: la charlotta
phil: Monsieur Firmin
dan :Monsieur André
pewdiepie: piangi
joe sugg: joseph buque
marcus butler: Monsieur Lefévre
marzia: meg giry
tanya: madame giry


2. chapter 1

*Present day* 

Roul's P.O.V And now a music box of a monkey on a barrel organ playing the symbols. "we bid 30 franks" Sold to the vecont de changey! I look. The music box christine told me about. (sings) 'Every detail as she said, will you play my friend when the rest of us are dead?' Madame giry is looking my way. I can tell she wanted to music box. (sings) 'Now i may see the music of the night as chistine did' My nurse wheels me away to the car out of the old theatre. In the car i get driving off. I see madame giry in the mirror. Ah old friend what we went through. *Back in the day*


The opera populiar was a buzz with noise! Ballerinas powdering their shoes, costumes being fixed on. 


Charlotta sings


Ooooooooooowwwwww feli from our saviours from our saviours!! Ahhhhhhhh 


*chior joins in* we feast on the might of the king we hope he'll bring salvation! 

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