Knocking In Heaven's Door

Louis' sixteen year old cousin, Anna, is forced to move in with him and the boys after her parents die in a terrible car accident. Soon after she moves in, weird things begin to happen to her and she realises that her life might be at its end, and she soon might be Knocking At Heaven's Door.


2. Two Weeks Earlier

Two weeks earlier

She looked into the mirror, seeing puffy, red eyes.

She had spent the last three days crying in bed while watching Netflix and eating her feeling through ice cream. Her grandmother had just died four days ago, and she's never cried so hard-or much- in her life. Her and my grandmother were really close.

She sighed and went into the bathroom, turning on the shower. She walked back into her room and pulled out my track shorts and a tank top, along with my panties and bra. She set her clothes on the bed before walking back into the restroom. The steam from the shower had fogged up the mirror that covered the wall.

She slowly took her clothes off and carefully stepped into the shower. Now don't be fooled, she's not one who thinks about life while in the shower, she is one who has to worry about her life while in the shower. Why? Because she's a dancer. She dances and air guitars along to the song stuck in her head when she's in the shower.

She quickly got out, wrapping a blue towel around her body, and walked back into her room. She quickly dried off and sprayed vanilla and sugar scented perfume over her bare body. It made her feel special, like she had a secret.

She slipped into her clothes and tied her wet hair into a ponytail. She quickly found her running shoes and slipped them on.

She grabbed her phone and earbuds as she walked out the door. She jogged down the stairs and ran out the front door.

When she's running she likes to think about life. It's just what she does.

She put her earbuds on and 'Mrs. Jackson' by Panic! At The Disco began to play. PATD is definitely her favourite band.

'Out the back door, god damn, but I love her anyway'

She sighed as as she began to jogged down the street.

She began to wonder where she'll be in six months. A lot can happen in six months. Who knows, she could be dead in six months!

She sighed, once again, and slowed to a waking speed. She attempted to catch her breath as she looked at her phone to see what time it is. Her screen lit up and the time appeared; 7:34. She'd been running for almost forty minutes. Anna looked up and realized that her house was just ahead. She let out another sigh and jogged toward the house.

She absolutely could not wait to get into the shower again.


A/N: I'm sorry. I would've updated sooner, but right after I finished writing this chapter the first time it had deleted. Urgh. Stupid iPhone problems. Also I'm really sorry if this chapter bored you. ~Caityxx

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