Its bieber bitch ;)

Alicia is an 18 year old girl.
She is not an outgoing person,but she will defend her self if she has to. she a dancer and and she does a lot! Of sports. She dosnt like making new friends. Alicia has one friend... Well should I say best friend,Emily. Alicia has an abusive family.She really has no one really.she goes to a party with her best friend,One of her worst and best nights. READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS ! :) #justin #wanted #died


1. me

Hi I'm Alicia.

Let me just tell you a little about myself.. If u don't mind..

Well I have a best friend,Emily.

She's really the only friend I got:/

She outgoing and I'm not. She's pretty and I'm not. Etc.

I'm really just a nerd. Everybody at school bully's me. Emily is there for me but not really, she's really one of the popular kids..I can defend my self but somehow all of them, all together beats me.

I LOVE sports. I play soccer, basketball,and vollyball. I can also dance, well kind-of I'm really bad at it. I'm in the wrestling team, boxing and karate. I don't want to be in it, but my dad forces me to, I'm actually good at it.

I have one more thing about my self... But please don't judge me. I'm only human:(

I get beaten every day. By my dad. I used to have the perfect family.. Well I at least like to think so.. Everything was good untill my mom died. He blames me for her death and well now I'm starting to think its true.. He hurts me every day, physically, mentally, and sexually. I know I know you might think I can defend my self, because I'm in a wrestling team and karate teams nod boxing and all,but no, I tried, and now he's worse.. Did I tell u he's an alcoholic too? Well now you know. I don't have any other family member either.

Emily is actually the only reason I'm alive.

Well that's enough about me...bye...

Hey well I hope u like my story! And sorry for my mistakes and I'll only update if I at least have a like or favorite. Please comment!! Thanks for reading any ways! :)

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