They 5 boys are all after Lily but which one will she choose? Not her brother Harry! Of course not. Niall up for the running but there's something about Zayn. Please leave any suggestions in the comments.


9. First Date

Niall's P.O.V

As I held her angelic figure in my arms again tears brimmed my eyes and Tom sat on my lap. How would I admit my feelings again. "Look we need to talk about what happened that night. I'm so sorry and she had jumped on me. I felt lost without you. Every night since you had walked out on me I have been alone." Before I could finish she moved Tom and sat on my lap. She has changed so much now, her blonde curly hair whipping around her neck and down her back as she bounced on me and giggled. "It's ok because you're here now!" Seeing her features lighten and her cheeks flush with embarrassment.


Lily's P.O.V

"Don't worry I never forgot about you" I said feeling my cheeks redden and my eyes tear. Laying there in Niall's arms was the most natural thing in the world we would have stayed there longer if Harry and Sarah hadn't so noisily come in while eating each others faces off. Sarah giggled and with only a quick glance between us she was chased upstairs by Harry. "They look happy" was Niall's only remark before he got up and left. Feeling my face burn I twisted and turned on the couch and fell asleep with anger corroding my heart.



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