I'm not who I think I am

Katrina (Kat for short) has the perfect life. Her parents are rich and love her, she's beautiful and she's turning sixteen in one month which means she can drive. But when both her parent die in a car crash Kat learns a family secret she wasn't supposed to know. Follow Kat through her diary and learn what her parents kept from her and what hides behind closed doors.


9. June 13th, later

  Well, I got past my aunt. I slipped some sleeping medicine into her tea. So she's passed out on the couch. I got our old P.O. Box. Inside was a few things, a magazine from six months ago, a book from my mom's book club, and an envelope titled KAT. I hid in the bathroom and opened the thing.

    Dear Kat,

              Good girl! Your parents knew you were smart. So, for the next key, you know about the chest your father hid those bills that had been paid in. Go.


 I know that chest pretty well. I used to like to pretend that I was a pirate and I'd found my treasure. So i slipped back in and found my aunt still asleep. My parents room was on the second floor. It was locked. "Dang it!" I yelped. But I remember where Mom used to hide the key. On top of the door frame. I reached up on my tip toes. "Got it." I whispered. The key slipped in. The chest was on my father's desk. I stuck the key in and shuffled through the old bills.. Finally I saw one, KAT. I opened the yellowed envelope.

     Dear Kat,

         Very smart girl. Now where did your father keep his books, and your Mother would read to you?


 My Father's Library. 

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