I'm not who I think I am

Katrina (Kat for short) has the perfect life. Her parents are rich and love her, she's beautiful and she's turning sixteen in one month which means she can drive. But when both her parent die in a car crash Kat learns a family secret she wasn't supposed to know. Follow Kat through her diary and learn what her parents kept from her and what hides behind closed doors.


7. June 12 , the letter from M&D

  Ok I know it's like, I don't know 2am but this is a total emergency and I can't sleep. So anyway I went up to my secret room a decided to search for any other clues from M and D whoever they are. So I looked around. I swear this room looks like that professors office from the spiderwich chronicles film. Opps got off track. Anyway I found a large locked jewelry box. I stuck my key in the lock... And it FIT! I was so glad. Inside there were about ten different keys all with a note with the number of key it was. There was also a letter inside:

   Good job Katrina. 

  You found the secret room and my  jewelry box. Well our jewelry box. The keys are very, very, important and you must protect them for you are in great danger. Just keep going. Remember we are always with you.


It also said to destroy the letter. So I did. I burned it and flushed it down the toilet. Wait if I wasn't supposed to not tell anyone then why did I write everything in here. Oh well at least my diary has a lock. And I won't tell you where the key is.



  Authors note: well looks like Kat is in a pickle. Ideas/characters in the comments.

    <3 Ferretsrock982

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