I'm not who I think I am

Katrina (Kat for short) has the perfect life. Her parents are rich and love her, she's beautiful and she's turning sixteen in one month which means she can drive. But when both her parent die in a car crash Kat learns a family secret she wasn't supposed to know. Follow Kat through her diary and learn what her parents kept from her and what hides behind closed doors.


6. June 11, the secret door

  I just found the craziest thing EVER. You wouldn't believe it diary. Ok so I was searching my room for the thing my key belonged to. I searched the entire room and.... Nothing! So I looked one more time, nothing! So I decided to give up but then sunlight came through my window. My day bed was lite up. And I saw an outlining on the wall. I tried to move my bed but it was way to heavy. But I felt this power run through me. I pushed the bed easy. I ran the key along the outline, cutting through the wall paper, then I pushed the key into the lock. I had to say I'd seen this kinda thing in a movie before. I don't know which one. So anyway I pulled the door open and there was a narrow stair case. I crawled through the door and up the stairs. In the room upstairs I found what looked like an archive of my family's life. So now I'm in the secret room sitting in a window seat looking out over the lawn. What secrets were my parents keeping from me? Did they know about this room?





Authors note!: Hi every body! I just wanna hold a little contest. If you can guess which movie I got my inspiration for this scene, I'll let you be a character in my next movella, My best friends a vampire! Also if you have any character ideas just leave them in the comments!

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