The ghost girl

Bree can see dead people. She is annoyed by them every day by them and all her class mates call her the ghost girl. But when an old friend appears and asks for help Bree can't say no. Will Bree be able to help them in time or will she fail?


6. What fading feels like

  "Anna? Does it hurt?" She nods her head. "It feels like a tingling. With the occasional jolt of energy. That's the part that hurts." I rub her arm. Her skin is as cold as ice. "How long do you have?" Anna shrugs. "Maybe a week. Or two." I go rigid. We decide to leave the Collins street house and go to a restaurant.

  I've scarfed down six slices of pizza. "Bree, how can you eat so much? It's not lady like." I shrug and reach for another one. "Bree cut it out!" She slaps my hand and it stings. "Ow!" I yelp and everyone looks. "Stupid necklace." I laugh, uneasy. And they go back. "We have to figure it out. It can't be your mom, she passed away and there's no other reasons that I can think of..." Anna taps her chin. She jumps and screams.  I cover my ears. Ghost screams are so high pitched, it's like a dog whistle but for me. I saw the electric current go through her, all yellow and ugly. She was breathing heavy. Her light blue dress, pale skin, and black hair was a bit more transparent. "Bree we have to go now and figure something out. I don't feel safe." I payed my money, allowance, and ran home with Anna.


  A/N: Any ideas/ characters would be appreciated!     

                                                              <3 Ferretsrock982

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