The ghost girl

Bree can see dead people. She is annoyed by them every day by them and all her class mates call her the ghost girl. But when an old friend appears and asks for help Bree can't say no. Will Bree be able to help them in time or will she fail?


2. My first ghost

  I've always remembered my first ghost. She was a teen girl with black hair and black eyes. She had fair skin and a kind face. Her name is Annabella, but I just called her Anna. I was only five at the time, so she was my playmate. I remember playing Patty cake, Tick Tack Toe, and making paper flowers. She was my only friend. Till she lead me to Kitty. "Go talk to her. She seems nice." I was the only one she could touch, so she pushed me. After Kitty and I became friends, Anna disappeared. And then, four years after we became friends, Kitty betrayed me. She did the worst thing. And I wish Anna had still been around.  

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