A stranger moving in


1. Not a normal romie?

So yesterday you got your own apartment, and was really excited to met your new romie (you couldn't afford it alone) you didn't know this person and didn't even know if it was a boy or a girl. But you expected it was a girl since you told her your name on the blanket. You were unpacking your stuff when you heard a knock on the door, your romie shouldn't come before next week. You opened the door and a lot of lightning started appearing before your eyes it was paparazzi's and interviewers asking questions about it was too live with a famous, you just stared at the persons asking questions. Then a sweet old lady came out of her apartment telling the paparazzi's that he wasn't there. The paparazzi's started disappearing and the old lady invited you for dinner. It was a lovely dinner and the old lady which name was Lara, she told my that it was her grandson who was moving in with me and he was in a band she seemed very proud about her grandson, I got into my own apartment and fell asleep on the couch right away. I woke up and got out shopping for some color paintings for the walls I found some really pretty colors, I just hope my romie would like one of the them. I was trying them on the wall when a loud bump on the door sounded, the sound scared the hell out me and I hurried too the door, a hard looking boy with brown eyes was looking straight into mine. He sat his bags down and gave me a handshake. "My name is Ashton" he said, "my name is y/n" you told him too come in. Ashton left his bags in the doorway and I just pushed them in with my foot, he laughed "sorry" you smiled back at him. "Soo I have to you ask you a question?" He looked at you with a wondering face "what is it?" "Which color do you like the much" you said gladly and showed him a dark blue, a baby pink, and a lime green "the blue one" he smiled. He walked into his room that was across yours. "I think we should go out furniture shopping tomorrow" he yelled "yeah I think that too, the sofa is really bad" you yelled back you both laughed.

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