A stranger moving in


2. Good taste romie!

I woke up with a loud noise out in the kitchen, and hurried out to see what was happening. Ashton stood there with pans and flour all over him, he laughed pretty hard. "Well I was trying to make breakfast, but now you can almost eat me" I hurried over too him and helped him standing up. Then I noticed his eyes somewhere first I thought I had drool on my chin but then I looked down and I stood there in underwear with me romie right beside me. He smiled when he saw how panicked I got, "just go in and get some cloth on, and we'll go out and buy some breakfast, and then shopping furniture" I'm glad he wasn't upset or anything about the episode and just played cool. We went out on the street and people started staring and talking about us, it was really weird. Then a interviewer came by and asked Ashton who I was "She's my romie! She's really cool and got an nice ass" he blinked at me. The interviewer went off and I hit Ashton on his arm "why did you do that" he said teasingly "I can ask you the same thing!" He just laughed "oh come on y/n, let's gets some breakfast" "fine" you went in to get some breakfast and there were paparazzi's all over the place. Well at least you got something to eat. You went too the furniture mall and Ashton found this awesome sofa, and five lamps! You went looking for a dining table when too girls asked you about Ashton "where just friends, I mean we're roomies" they said you were lucky and then went off Ashton came over to you and looked at the table you've found "whoa nice y/n" "we just have to find some chairs" he then pointed at some really sporty chairs and went over and toke one so that we could see if it matched surprisingly it did. So we brought the stuff and on our way home we went in and brought the painting for the walls. You two was exhausted and it was only noon, you two were laying on the old couch, "so you're in a band?" You asked him "yeah it's called 5 seconds of summer, and btw I play the drums" he said smilingly "when are you going on tour then?" "In about a year, we are making a new album" "can I hear some of it?" He got up and walked by you and slapped you on the forehead it didn't hurt and you both laughed pretty hard. He went too his room and got out with a small drum He sat on it and started playing, he sung some of the lyrics. When he finished you clapped and laughed, while Ashton was blushing. " you're really good! " you said which were making blush more the door bell rang and Ashton opened " Grams" he said smilingly and gave her an hug you went up and said hi to mrs. Irwin, you said thx for the night before and invited her in, she told you she only came over to give you some cookies and say hi too her grandson we said goodbye and dashed on the sofa again. "Should we order some pizza" he asked " you're my hero, but when it gets here you open" you laughed. Ashton started falling asleep, and you wanted too tease him so bad. So you got into your room and found this really scary mask and went out of the door. You started ringing on the bell but he didn't wake up, then you started knocking and he came to the door he opened and you screamed right in his face. He just stood there looking at you "you're so bad y/n, I woke up the minute you got into your room you twat" he laughed " well at least the pizza here's now " you said. So you've opened the pizza box and it was the most disgusting pizza ever! It looked like it could crawl, you both got disgusted and threw it out right away it ended with you and Ashton almost eat all the cookies. You were exhausted and went to bed straight away and so did Ashton.

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