Fangs or Fur

This is about a girl named Alex, who has to decide if she wants to be a beautiful werewolf, or a blood sucking vampire.


2. Moving from sunshine to rain

"Alex, are you packed?" asked my mom.

"Yes mom I'm ready to go to the airport," while I'm really thinking sarcastically ,"Yay, I'm leaving sunny California for rainy Wisconsin."

"Alright then come downstairs, we need to get going."

"I'm coming."

We are finally in Wisconsin and we are meeting with my dad.

My dad took me from the airport to the and we had a awkward conversation.

"So, Alex," he said, "I hope you need a car."

"I was going to buy my own car, why?"

"I got a good deal on an old truck, you will love it."



I hope you like this first chapter of my book I know it is short but there will be another chapter soon.

Thank you!

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