"Tonight is gonna be the best night of your life, virgin"
I stand quiet as I watch his fingers run down my sides and to my underwear, playing around with the tiny ribbon in the middle before pulling them down and throwing them across the room and onto the wooden floor.

Please make sure that you are aware that this story is rated r and contains a lot sexual and mature content so if you're young and you're not supposed to read this, please don't. I won't be responsible for your reaction.


13. Chapter Thirteen

I slam my chemistry book shut, taking a quick glance at the time and set the book to the side. I've had enough studying for today. We will still be on semester break till the first of September and that's when my exams start once again and I really can't risk failing any.

I sigh once I push the chair to force myself to get on my feet. I've been studying for three hours and trust me, it gets to tiring to move afterwards.

My feet paddle across the room, stopping at the foot of my bed and that's my que to carelessly drop myself onto the fluffy material, getting lost once I get tangled up in the million sheets I've covered the mattress with.

I find a way to get out of the embarrassing trap, my hand tapping around the surface of the bed to find my phone and once I feel a cold hard material, I grab it.

I enter my password and open up my calendar, going through my schedule until the break is over. My eyes grow wide once they land on tomorrow's schedule.. I have to go shopping for the perfect dress for my fancy birthday party.

I can't lie, I'm very excited. I've never had a birthday as fancy and planned as this. It's just usually me with a cupcake, celebrating on my own but this year it's gonna be big and glorious.

I feel the familiar grin I had on yesterday creep onto my face once more, my rolling myself out of bed to go through my contact list.

I am not a very open person. I'm usually quiet or sitting alone away from all the popular girls and guys. It's just how I am.

I slide my thumb across the screen, tapping on contacts and once a new page is opened up, I scroll down trying to find a decent girl that wouldn't mind shopping with a girl like me.

I stop once I see Tania between a list of unknown people and I immediately feel butterflies. I'm not so good with conversations. Mostly over the phone.

I forcefully tap on her number, putting the phone to my right ear, biting my lips as continuous beeps echoes through the line. Once I hear a voice, I panic.


I hear a confused girly voice speak through the phone and I crack a fake laugh.

"Hey it's me! Ariana!"

I awkwardly say, trying to sound as exciting as I possibly can but I know I probably can't do a good job.

"Oh hi! What's up?"

She politely asks, waiting for a response as I try to balance on one foot. You know the unconscious things you do when you're on the phone.

"Yeah.. I'm having a birthday party in about a week. Would you wanna come? And maybe go shopping tomorrow with me? I really can't pick out a dress on my own."

I beg while faking laughs to make it less awkward but it doesn't help. There is silence for a few seconds but I cross my fingers hoping to get at least one person to come to this thing I'm excited for.

"Sure! Text me the info."

She says and immediately hangs up and with that, I have an expressionless look on my face.


I hiss, offended but I know I ask for too much from people so I cool down seconds after.

Once I pull the phone away from my ear, I type Harry's name, thinking if I should call him or not.

I glance over to the top of the screen to check if it's the right time to call him because he is either asleep or having sex and I really wouldn't want to interrupt him. Wait a second, since when am I polite to him?

I do what I wanna do and tap on his number, putting the phone to my ear once again and I'm surprised by how soon he picks up the phone.


He dryly says and I swear I know he is smirking right now thinking that I'm gonna invite him over to give me my needs but it's not the case this time.

"I need you to do me a huge favor"

I get straight to the point and put him on speaker so that I can lay down on my bed. Once I tap on the speaker option, I set the object beside my head as I lay down on my back on my bed once again.

"Depends.. Sex? Yes"

He chuckles through the phone and I can't say it wasn't funny how confident he was with his ideas but I keep quiet and hide the laughter begging to burst out.

I grab a strand of my silky hair, playing around with the tips of them as I lick my lips.

"Styles, I need you to ask some people to come to this birthday party my aunt is throwing for me"

I demand, and immediately regret how it escalated but I ignore my insecurities.

"Ariana, you do know that I haven't told anyone about you, right? And plus, what birthday party?"

He asks, this awkwardness in the way he talks and I bite my lip aggressively.

"I know.. But I really haven't had a lot of friends here and I don't wanna be the only one to show up to my party. Can you just do this, please? You don't need to tell them anything else about you and I-"

I'm interrupted once Harry laughs echoes through the phone.

"You know this image I have? It's going to be totally ruined after I do this"

He sighs and that's when I feel a huge smirk appear on my face and I know I have made him obey me.

"Thank you so much"

I say kindly, feeling a weight being lift off my shoulders because this would be a huge problem if he wouldn't have helped.

"So am I invited to this thing or what? Not that I wanna actually come"

He chuckles and I immediately feel the curiosity and pleading in his voice.

"I mean if you wanna come, I guess I could fit you into one of the tables"

I joke, trying to play as hard to get and annoying as possible and I know it worked once I hear Harry sigh and laugh afterwards.

"I'll see if anyone shows up.. Then maybe I'll come"

He jokes and that makes me kind of upset. I'm so lonely oh my gosh.

"Shut up and just do what you have to do. Please don't ask any druggies"

I giggle, actually being serious about the druggies.

"I don't think conscious people will wanna come to this party"

He laughs, annoying me.

That's when I realize that this has probably been the most productive conversation we have had and that makes me shake my head in embarrassment.

"Laugh all you want. Once you're there to see how fun it actually is, you'll regret what you said"

I say, hoping that it'll actually become true because I can't be more embarrassed that I already am as a person.

"If I even show up"

He chuckles once again and I just roll my eyes, quiet as I stare at the white ceiling.




I stomp, seeing the nearest bench and plop down on the hard wooden object, my brows meeting in a frown. I had just gotten a call from the bitch, Tania saying that she had a family emergency. Who the fuck uses that as an excuse anymore?!

I sigh loudly, looking around me, the mall pretty dead to me. The one attempt I had at hanging out with someone was a total fail and I couldn't feel more grumpy.

I hesitated to call Harry but I changed my mind a few minutes ago knowing that first of all, he is a guy, second that he probably wouldn't show up either and third that we weren't even having that kind of thing where we actually hang out and have normal conversations.

Thinking about Harry, I had come to terms with that he had already probably asked a few people to come to this lame party and I assume that that has been taken care of by a very irresponsible guy but whatever.

I pull myself out of the uncomfortable bench, my whole body as exhausted as my brain was but I had to find a dress. I couldn't go there naked, could I? I wish that was an option.

I drag myself across the whole level, my boots killing me but I couldn't stop. Ariana doesn't give up this way. That's when I stand straight and put on a fake smile so it wouldn't look like a depressed lonely girl.

I click my boots across a row of stores full of dresses but until now, I haven't come across anything that would either fit into my surprisingly skinny body or affordable.

The last store I stumble across, I don't hesitate and immediately rush in once I see a whole row of fancy dresses. Pushing the door open, the cold air conditioned room gives me chills and I shiver.

Folding my arms over my chest to warm my arms, I walk to the nearest row of long dresses, my arms out so my hands can reach the smooth fabric of the first dress I lay my eyes on.

My eyes trail off from dress to dress, my confidence in finding the perfect dress going down by every minute.

I grab as many nice looking dresses I can find and confidently rush to the changing room waiting for the girl at the counter to remove the hangers from the dresses.

I'm assisted to the first fitting room and once I shut the curtain, I take a long look at myself in the mirror.

I sigh and put a smile on once I grab the first dress that I find from the pile of dresses dumped onto the velvet chair at the corner of the tiny room.

I hold up and observe every inch of it with all focus, making sure it's easy to put on.

It is a blue dress long enough to follow behind your footsteps with round neck line. The sleeves are long and tight and there is a fancy shiny bent around the waist line to finish the dress.

I shake my head, stripping once again and am left with only a couple of dresses. My eyes land on the red dress lying over a hard green one and I gently grab it, unzipping the back to slide on.

Once I feel comfortable in it and it is zipped up, I lift my head to look up into the mirror and am shocked once I see a unfamiliar girl.

The dress is red and long to my ankles, sleeveless and have cups for my breasts with no neckline. There are fancy shiny diamond looking materials glued to the upper part of the dress here and there, stopping on the waist line and the rest is plain.

I take a few steps to see how it feels to walk it in and I swear it feels like I'm wearing cotton. The lower portion of the dress is loose and comfortable, the upper part tight, making my features stand out beautifully. It's classy and probably one of the best I've tried on. It's breathtaking.

I pinch both sides of the dress and attempt to twirl in the small changing room and I'm not ashamed to say I feel and look like a princess. This is the dress. Definitely.

I smile at myself in the mirror once I'm still, feeling my heart beating out of my chest from such happiness. I've never gotten the chance to make myself look as good as this and I don't wanna be vain but I looked pretty damn amazing.

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