"Tonight is gonna be the best night of your life, virgin"
I stand quiet as I watch his fingers run down my sides and to my underwear, playing around with the tiny ribbon in the middle before pulling them down and throwing them across the room and onto the wooden floor.

Please make sure that you are aware that this story is rated r and contains a lot sexual and mature content so if you're young and you're not supposed to read this, please don't. I won't be responsible for your reaction.


19. Chapter Nineteen

It's been a few days since Harry suggested going to prom together and I can't lie, I'm still startled and quite shocked about the whole thing. Harry and I going to prom? No.

I shake my head unintentionally just thinking about it and I know what my answer is gonna be if he asks me again. Ill just be honest and reject him politely. I guess there is really no good way to reject someone but it's Harry, he won't feel a thing.

I walk to Harry's dorm room, a smirk appearing on my face as I know my purpose of being here, in front of his dorm room. We're gonna have sex. After a week and I can't tell you how excited and happy I am. As if I've been having no sex for a year and I'm finally getting laid.

I bang on his door a couple of times, staring at it as I know it's gonna open so very soon. It's harry. Harry plus sex? Quick Harry.

I smile once the door opens and I rush in without any word and begin to take my shirt off. I watch as his confused reaction changed to a smirk and I smirk back.




I fall beside him on his bouncy bed, panting with a smirk plastered on my face. I hear his heavy breathes and I look to my side.

"That was so good"

I compliment, laughing as I cover myself with the sheets. Harry turns his head, facing me with those emerald eyes of his.

I have this thing where after sex, I feel quite shy so I tend to cover myself up or wear my clothes. I don't know,, it's a habit.

"Just as always"

He winks, the smirk on his face disappearing once he turns his head to the other side, stretching his arm out to grab something.

I stay quiet, relaxing as I recall back all of the fun we were having only a couple of minute ago.

"Have you thought about prom? I'm getting impatient"

He chuckles, showing the two tickets that are in between his fingers and I immediately shake my head.

"I really don't like proms. And plus, I wouldn't wanna go with you"

I joke, shoving him with my shoulder. To be honest, I wouldn't mind going with him. He's hot and he is starting to be polite and crap.

"Why not?"

He slowly asks as I watch his face go from a puppy face to a frown, his eyebrows meeting.

"Cause I wanna go with my boyfriend.. Not the guy I'm friends with benefits with"

I laugh, rolling my eyes as he chuckles. He stays quiet and a question pops up in my brain so I decide to speak.

"What's the real reason you're going to prom?"

I raise an eyebrow, keeping my head up from the fluffy pillow, immediately wanting to get lost in it again. I wait quietly, just staring.

"I just wanna have some fun. All of my friends are going so why not?"

He looks down at me, shrugging. I feel it. He is lying and I know exactly how to get it out of him.

"Styles stop bullshitting and spill"

I demand, staring directly into his eyes and once he refuses and looks away, i forcefully grab his face and make him face me.

"What's your deal?"

He jerks off my hand and I roll my eyes, swearing under my breathe. Just admit it. You have feelings for me. First you invite your friends to my birthday and go as my date and now you want me to be your prom date. Enough clues given, don't you think? So just spill.

"Whatever.. I can take a month without sex"

I simply say, turning towards the side of the bed to grab my clothes. Once I've quickly slipped on my shirt, I push the covers to the side and hop out of his bed.

"Wait, no! Okay.. Fine, I'll fucking tell you you little brat"

His strong British accent makes him even sexier and I hold back the smirk crawling into my face. He is gonna confess. He is gonna tell me he likes me. How am I supposed to react? Just walk out on him or tell him what I feel honestly and hope for the best?

"I need someone interesting to come with me so I won't get bored.."

He sighs and exhales a dry chuckle, placing his palms on the back of his head. I freeze in my spot, processing what he just said in my head but I can't quite understand.

Hey guys!

I think this chapter didn't suck so much but I promise I have soooo much in store for you guys! I've been continuously writing and I've got about three new chapters as drafts.

I'm hoping to get to 400 for the next two chapters to be published together so help me out here loviesssss!

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