"Tonight is gonna be the best night of your life, virgin"
I stand quiet as I watch his fingers run down my sides and to my underwear, playing around with the tiny ribbon in the middle before pulling them down and throwing them across the room and onto the wooden floor.

Please make sure that you are aware that this story is rated r and contains a lot sexual and mature content so if you're young and you're not supposed to read this, please don't. I won't be responsible for your reaction.


14. Chapter Fourteen

"I still have things to do, Harry. I need to call my aunt and I also need to find a date"

I shove at Harry's shoulders and he leans back but is still glued to the same spot in front of my bed.

"Come on. It won't take long"

He pleads, his hands wrapped around my wrists. Practically stapled together.

This pout look he has on his face is the funniest of them all. He looks more like a dog than an actual human being when he pouts like that.

"No, seriously!"

I take a few steps back, laughing at how desperate he is when it comes to having fun.

"Call your aunt now"

He demands, jumping up and down like a baby who wants ice cream. He looks annoyed and I have to say, I've been expecting it since a couple of days ago. It's what his face screams when he doesn't get what he wants. He becomes extremely impatient and sometimes even rude.

"I really don't have time for this right now! The party is in three days!"

I throw my hands up in the air in annoyance, rolling my eyes. Sometimes he really gets on my nerves. Like right now.

"I'll be your date to the lame thing"

He groans, plopping down onto my bed, the springs bouncing him up and down until it settles.

My eyes widen to his response, my cheeks flushing red surprised by how nice he was being. Oh wait. No he wasn't. He was just trying to get me into bed with him again.

"I still won't have sex with you till I'm free"

I confess, folding my arms and shift my weight to my left hip, observing Harry.


His face shoots in my direction, a calm and relaxed look plastered on his face.

I can't say I'm not taken back by his attitude. I frown, my lips pressed into a thin line as I walk to my bed, approaching him.

"Am I talking to Harry?"

I giggle, plopping down beside him, slouching terribly.

All I get as a response is a light shrug and with that, Harry stands up, his height making me look like a dwarf.

"Great, now I have to get a suit"

He groans once more but this time, there is a hint of laughter in his voice and that makes me shake my head and stick my tongue out to him.

He takes a look at himself in my mirror, fixing his messy brown curly locks and I swear for a second, I see him looking at me through the mirror.

"I didn't ask you to be my date"

I simply tell the truth as I watch him walk to the door and reach for the door knob to twist it.

"You technically did when you brought up the subject"

He jokes, opening the door with a crick and his voice fades once he disappears through the door, closing it shut behind him.

I laugh to myself thinking about how weird he was being. Inviting people to come to my party and becoming my date without me even asking? That is not the Harry I know. But it's good.

A question wouldn't give my thoughts.. He was so afraid of anyone knowing about our little 'friendship' and now he wants to be my date? Wow.

I can't lie and say that I don't find Harry attractive and it would be great to go on a date with a good looking guy like him but I didn't like him that way. In fact, I didn't even really like him as a friend so obviously it couldn't go any further than frenemies.

I look down to my lap, my phone set in between my hands and I grab it, unlocking it by entering the passcode and immediately dial in aunt Mary's number. Once the phone is to my ear, I hear the first beep.

"Hello darling!"

Aunt Mary greets in a pleasant tone, excited as usual.

"Hi aunty"

I smile, relaxed and quieter than I usually am while talking to her on the phone.

"I just wanted to check everything with you again.. So I've got a date, some guests and a dress. You're going to come, right?"

I ask politely, hoping that she would say a big happy yes.

Since my parents died, I've only had a great connection with her and only her. If she wasn't going to show up to a party she planned, I don't know what I would do.

"Great! And of course, Ariana! I promise!"

She happily yells through the phone, me immediately pulling the phone away from my ear to avoid any internal injuries.

"That's reassuring!"

I laugh, letting out the breath I didn't know I had been holding.

"See you in three days, dear!"

Aunt Mary screams once again through the phone, making my ear bleed but I appreciate her excitement.

I can't believe I'll be 21 in three days. I've got all I need.. A dress to die for, guests to dine with and a date to sleep with.

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