"Tonight is gonna be the best night of your life, virgin"
I stand quiet as I watch his fingers run down my sides and to my underwear, playing around with the tiny ribbon in the middle before pulling them down and throwing them across the room and onto the wooden floor.

Please make sure that you are aware that this story is rated r and contains a lot sexual and mature content so if you're young and you're not supposed to read this, please don't. I won't be responsible for your reaction.


15. Chapter Fifteen

The dress looks beautiful and fits me perfectly. My hair is curled and done in a neat waterfall braid and my make up is a simple red lip stick and a thin line of eyeliner.

I twirl around on my toes, from corner to corner of the hotel room I was checked into hours before the event starts. The dress flows from side to side as I hop around like a fairytale princess.

The hotel is magnificent and luxurious. I mean come on, it's Hilton we are talking about. The floor of the main lobby is marble and the whole place smells like heaven.

Don't get me started on the room. It's not that huge but big enough for two people to use, with the cleanest bathroom and tub and the bed is so comfortable I almost fell asleep when I had to get ready.

I'm very excited to see who's here and mostly excited to see aunt Mary and don't let me forget about the manwhore I call my date. Yes I'm talking about Harry.

I've called aunt Mary to check if her flight isn't being delayed but she didn't pick up which probably is because she's on the plane right now, coming to my birthday party! I'm so excited!

I've already talked to Harry about the schedule and what time he should arrive here. I swear it feels like it's my prom.

My attention goes from how happy I feel today to my phone vibrating aggressively on the table where I was charging it.

I lift my dress up to avoid tripping or tearing my dress and run to the noisy object, grabbing a hold of it and pulling it to my ear.


I say, panting after all the hopping around. I plop down onto the chair beside me, breathing in and out deeply, fanning myself with m hand to avoid getting sweaty and ruining my almost non existing make up.


I hear a familiar husky voice with a British accent speak and I immediately smile.

"Where are you?"

I ask out of curiosity, my heavy breathing slowing down.

"I'm on the way"

He says calmly, the noise in the background disturbing me.

"Call me when you get here, Styles."

I say politely and wait for a response but I soon hear the other line cut off and I bite my lip. Why does everyone like to do that?! Just hang up. Why?

I force myself to get out of the most fluffy and comfortable chair, my dress glued to my back and thighs from sitting down but I pinch the back of it and gently pull it back to release it.

Sighing, I look at myself in the full height mirror in front of the bathroom, feeling confident and pretty after a long long long time for real.

"Tonight is gonna go just fine"

I reassure myself, looking at myself up and down like I'm checking myself out and trust me, I stop once I realize how creepy that looks like.




My phone vibrates in my hand, my eyes open wide, my sleepiness totally disappearing. I've been waiting for Harry or my aunt to call and I guess I probably have fallen asleep for waiting too long.

My eyes travel to the top of the screen, checking the time and I notice that the party is only thirty minutes away and my eyes grow wide.

All I can think of is where aunt Mary could be right now. Coming to the hotel, still in the airplane or just landing?

Once I look over to the Caller ID, I take a second to process what I'm reading and realize that it's Harry. I tap on the answer button and put the cold metal to my ear, making sure it won't touch my perfectly finished hair style.

"I'm downstairs"

Harry simply says, a hint of happiness and excitement in his voice.

"I'm coming"

I smile, and hang up, taking revenge for all of the times he hung up on me. It doesn't feel so good.

I get on my feet, my eyes searching around the room to find my heels and once I spot them, I rush to them, setting my feet in each heel and I suddenly feel like a giant because of the massive height change.

Luckily, I don't have a problem with heels and I can walk with them normally and avoid looking like a girl with broken ankles.

Holding my phone in one hand, I try to walk to get the hotel card as quick as possible, my heels clicking on the ceramic flooring in front of the door.

I stop once I see my reflection in the mirror, looking at myself once more to make sure I don't look like a panda and luckily, I don't.

I swoosh the waist line of my dress, flattening the puffed up areas and lightly tap on my hair to make it neat and fuzzy less.

Once I'm happy with my look, I reach for the hotel card and rush out of the hotel room, the smell of heaven filling my nostrils once again.

I hold my dress up slightly to avoid tripping over with my heels and embarrass myself even if it's in front of the cleaners.

I notice the lift and press the down button once I approach it, waiting impatiently to get in. Once one of the doors open, I walk in, pressing the ground floor button and stand patiently in the elevator by myself.

All I can think of right now is how Harry is going to look like. Did he pick out a terrible suit to make me look like a fool or did he actually try and act classy by choosing the perfect tux? I had to see for myself.

A ring attracts my attention and I notice the elevator doors opening and I take a deep breath, walking out as calm as possible.

My eyes travel across the giant hall, trying to find the boy who was my date for tonight. My eyes land on a tall gentleman standing in a black suit with the same curly locks as Harry, his back to me.

Smiling, I realize that it is him and I approach him, clicking my shiny black heels with every step I take. I know he heard heels walking towards him because he turns around, showing himself.

I'm immediately hit in the face once I see a total stranger standing in front of me. Oh it is Harry but he looks very different. His always messy hair is jelled up on the front and curly as usual for the remaining portion.

He is wearing a black suit, neatly ironed and worn, pants that are not too tight or too loose with a red bow to top it all off.

I can feel my jaw resting on the floor, me drooling over how hot he looks right now. If I could, I would rip of every inch of that thing to give him his needs. That's how hot he is right now in that suit.

"You look amazing!"

I scream, covering my own mouth with both my hands still surprised to my very core.

That is when it hits me. He is staring at me with this hungry yet romantic expression plastered on his face, a half smirk half smile.

"You look beautiful"

He says quietly but it's loud enough for me to hear, his lips slightly parted, his eyes pinned on me, this half smile plastered on his face and he says those words with such passion I never expected him to be capable of having.

For a second, he looked like he wasn't saying something to get something out of it for himself. Almost like he meant it.

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