"Tonight is gonna be the best night of your life, virgin"
I stand quiet as I watch his fingers run down my sides and to my underwear, playing around with the tiny ribbon in the middle before pulling them down and throwing them across the room and onto the wooden floor.

Please make sure that you are aware that this story is rated r and contains a lot sexual and mature content so if you're young and you're not supposed to read this, please don't. I won't be responsible for your reaction.


18. Chapter Eighteen

-dream starts-

"Stop it!"

I giggle, covering my stomach as I try to run away from the crazy boy. He immediately catches me by my waist, pulling me into his muscular arms.

I calm down, a smile appearing on my lips as I look turn around to face him, his arms tightly wrapped around my waist.

"I'm running out of breath"

I admit, throwing my head back as laughter escapes from my mouth, my arms gripping onto his sleeves.

"Okay I'll stop"

His strong British accent makes my heart melt, our eyes meeting. There is a minute of silence as I play around with the fabric of his shirt.

"I love you"

He sweetly whispers into my ear, his nose touching my ear lobe and it feels ticklish but I'm too surprised to care. I pause for a bit, blushing and I look down to stop myself from being embarrassed.

Once I look up, I face a patient boy, smiling softly and my heart melts just thinking about what I'm about to say.

"I lov-"

-dream ends-

"Morning sunshine"

I hear a much rather sarcastic tone mumble into my ear, my eyes opening wide. I jump, looking over to my side , I see Harry's excited face.

"Leave me alone"

I groan, burring my face in the fluffy blanket but seconds after, it's ripped out of my hands.

"Get out of my bed"

He demands, his voice deep and husky. My eyes widen and I quickly sit up, looking around.

"What the.."

My voice trails off as I look around and it hits me. I really am in his room. In the morning.


I mumble under my breathe, climbing out of his bed with immediately, shocked. What is this? First the dream and now this?

"I have a class at 11"

I nervously exhale, grabbing my jeans from the side of the bed along with my shirt and run towards the door.

"Have fun"

Harry laughs, me ignoring it and storm out, my messy hair flying everywhere.




I can't really say I'm happy that I'll be graduating from university in a month. It's quite scary to by honest. Luckily, I've done the exams four months ago so I only have to the normal easy ones.

I walk around in circles around myself, looking at the gigantic posters that are put up all around the school for prom. Yes. Prom.

I hate events like this. The ones where you have to dress up to a certain theme, eat and dance with teachers watching your every move. I mean come on, why even put yourself in that position.

I shake my head, knowing what my answer to the stupid invitation is gonna be. A straight up no.

I'm interrupted when I feel a sharp pain from both my sides. I jump and let out a small scream from the poke and turn around. It's Harry.


He laughs, his hands behind his back, his posture straight. I look around, confused by why he's here talking to me when there are people walking around us.


I say confused, my arms crossing over, hugging my sides to avoid getting poked again.


His attention switches to the posters behind me, his index finger pointing at one out of a million of them in and I turn around and nod.

"Are you planning to go?"

He asks curiously, one of his eyebrows raised.


I simply say, scrunching my nose as I let my arms swing to my sides loosely.

"Why not?"

He laughs, his facial expression quite serious and concerned.

"I don't like prom"

I truthfully say, smiling as I observe his face. It's so intense and stiff. I don't know why.

"Would it be fun if I was there with you?"

His arm sticks out with two tickets in between his thumb and middle finger. My eyes widen and I look around. What the fuck? His face screams tension and I step back.

"Are you kidding me?"

I giggle, my heart beat fastening. Why do I feel like this? I don't like him. I really don't. Right? I don't. Do I? Am I starting to feel something for Harry?

I'm so sorry that I haven't updated in like a month. I've been reallllllly busy with school and my friends and I apologize for that. I know that my writing was a bit sloppy for this chapter and probably will be for the next one but I'm gonna really try my best to step it up again.

Thanks for the support guys!

-Maya xx

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