Life can be bad

Hi this is going to be about my life. And why I don't what to live in it. I'm not going to put my real name cause I don't want stalkers on to me.


2. school

I live in a boarding school I'm the week and in the weekend I go home to see my friends and family but I really don't want to come home sometimes.

Me and my sister love cats. On my 11 birthday my friend have me a cat. And then the very next day my mum and sister went to get his brother. It was very funny. But until recently we got a new cat and man is it a pain in the ass like one minute it is being quiet then when another comes in it starts to moew for someone to look at him. He is so annoying.

I don't do very well in school. I get NAs in social studies and As in some others. I sometimes get Ms and E's which I think is great.

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