Life can be bad

Hi this is going to be about my life. And why I don't what to live in it. I'm not going to put my real name cause I don't want stalkers on to me.


1. me

Hi my name is Serena I live in New Zealand. I live with my mum, dad, 2 brothers and my sister. We love each other so much that we fall out in fight over the most random things like you ate my chocolate. And shit like that. I remember one time when I was 11 me and my sister were fighting over the most weirdest thing but I can't remember. We started to use objects and soon I found a steel ladder. I guess you can call it child abuses. But I did it she had a bruise but nothing serious. She want revenge but she can't. She easily knows that ill win cause I have been practicing with an archery kit and stuff like that.

I'm not evil it's just I need something to protect me when I'm in a new place. And I don't know what happen.

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