Alexandra Tremmings & Rowena's Diadem

1 girl, hidden from the world. 1 diadem, longing to be found. 1 parent, doing whatever they can to stop an unpleasant awakening. © Copyright 2014
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof
may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever
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1. Allie

Chapter 1


"Alexandra, dear" mother called from downstairs. "Time for school, darling" she reminded me. Me and my mother live in Derby, we used to originally live in London, but thats one of two subjects that are never to be mentioned around my mother. Number 2 you might ask? My father. His name was not to be mentioned... At all. I attended a private school around here. I was only 10, but mother refused to send me to a public school. I was sent in a limo, it was really embarrassing. Yeah everyone else there was rich, but most children's parents dropped them off, I wasn't the most popular girl. Ok let me rephrase that, I had 1 friend. She had started school at the same time as me, her name? Ashley Sullivan. I walked down the stairs, greeted by my mother's glowing smile. "Today, darling, you will be walking to school with that friend of yours..." she said, waving her hand. "Ashley" I stated. "Ah, yes, Ashley, the driver is off sick so you two will be walking, now you know the rules?" she questioned. I nodded slightly. The rules were simple. If the driver was ever unable to chauffeur me I would walk with Ashley. Straight to school. No stopping, no wondering around, straight to school. We weren't allowed to talk to anyone. Mother had mentioned something about old people in cloaks? "Au revoir" she said, sending me a quick smile and a hug. I stepped outside. I felt different. This was the first time I'd been allowed out by myself. Ashley snapped her fingers in my face and I sent her a quick grin. We walked in silence and I let out a yelp when I nearly stepped on a cat, it meowed at me and cocked its head to one side. I drew a cat in art before. It was pink... Ignoring Ashley's attempts to stop me I went over and stroked the cat, it turned bright pink and I let out yet another yelp, however this was louder and caught Ashley's attention. "Ashley" I yelled. "The cat it-it's p-pink" I stuttered. Ashley dragged me down the street, I smacked her arm away and she let go of me. "What's your problem?!" I half yelled, annoyed. "Look at the cat" she began. "I'm being serious, look at it" I turned around and about a metre away from us was the cat, but its original colour, why was it ginger now but pink a minute ago? My cheeks burned as I faced Ashley, she rolled her eyes at me and we walked to school in silence. She sent me a quick bye once we got to school and we headed to our different lessons, I had maths first. I slouched in my chair as Ms Smith started teaching us about simultaneous equations. "Posture" she screeched at me, making me jump. I sat up straight and earned a few sniggers from the class. Halfway through the lesson I asked for a bathroom pass, Ms Smith glared at me but nevertheless gave me one. I walked over to the toilets and turned my phone on, I started looking at clothes and saw a really pretty outfit, I sighed and turned my phone off and walked out the cubicle. I slipped back into my chair and everyone just gaped at me. Ms Smith turned around and her face turned bright red. "Alexandra Rose Tremmings" she screamed. "What on earth do you think your doing." I looked at her confused and turned around to see angry and... Jealous faces? Molly, one of the most popular girls in the year spoke "Oh Ms, how unfair is it that Lexi over here doesn't have to wear uniform" she sneered. I looked down at my clothes, it was one of the outfits I was looking at, I felt my cheeks burn as I sent Ms a pleading look. I guess it was too late. Mrs Bolton, the head teacher, walked through the doors, outraged at my 'stunt' as they called it. She walked over and spoke: "Alexandra, head office... Now."

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