*L.H. Fanfic*

When two sisters get trapped in CVS with four boys, Amber and Luke get off on the wrong foot, but quickly grow to like each other, but what happens when the blizzard ends and all the snow melts? Will they go back to their normal lives, or continue to be friends? Or maybe something more?

*This book takes place in England, I don't know if blizzards happen there, I'm from Texas, USA. Plz don't yell at me for that.*


1. CVS

Amber held five Twix in her hand as she searched for the right cold and flu medicine. Her mother was at bed rest, the flu coursing through her body. Amber wasn't sick, though. In fact, she'd never gotten the flu because she's constantly taking vitamin C. Her biggest fear is going to the doctors and she has an obsession with Twix. Twix were a little cookie that had caramel on it, and was dipped into chocolate. It was always Amber's guilty pleasure.

She bent over as she looked on the bottom shelf for the right brand. The store was very empty, spooking the girl. She continued walking down the aisle, still bent over and reading each label. Black vans came into veiw and before she could stop, she collided with the person, knocking them over with a loud thud. She heard loud coughing, which worried her. Oh no, I knocked the wind out of this person. They're going to scream at me, she thought.

"I'm so sorry, I'm a really clumzy person. Are you okay?" She asked. She slowly stood up and looked down at the body still lying on the floor.

"I'm fine." He grumbled. "How about you and your two left feet?" He asked. Well, that was rude, Amber thought, angrily.

The boy had orange hair and puffy eyes. The ring stood out on his thin lips, causing Amber to smirk. The boy stood to his full height. He was easily over six feet tall.

"I'm fine, but I have a question." Amber said. The boy raised his eyebrow. "Is your mummy a pumpkin?" She asked, her voice mimicked one that belonged to a four year old.

His face grew red as he became more flustered, but he knew that he inflicted this upon his own self. "Oh, really?" He asked. "At least I'm not the gingerbread man." The orange haired boy said.

"Excuse me, Carrot Head, but I'm a natural ginger." Amber flicked her hair.

"Girl, we all know you got a weave up in there, so here's a word of the wise: take that weave off!" The boy exclaimed.

"How dare you!" She growled. "I do not have a weave! Stop being a bully!" Amber seethed through clenched teeth. The lights suddenly flickered. The two grew silent and they listened carefully. They heard the jingling of keys and then the sound of automatic doors shutting. After a short wait, they heard a car in the parking lot beginning to start, and they listened as it grew more distant.

The two glanced at each other, the boy opening his mouth to say something, but was cut off by the lights being cut off. Amber let out a loud whimper and jumped to the boys embrace. They hugged each other tightly as they listened to the wind howl, causing the darkness to creep up on them and make their skin crawl. They hugged each other tighter, before realizing how awkward it was. The boy cleared his throat and Amber stepped away, awkwardly.

"This is totally not awkward, nor creepy." Amber said with sarcasm. Suddenly, Amber felt as if someone had slapped her in the face. She left her sister in the bathroom.

"Amber! Luke!" Various voices shouted aloud. Carrot Head and Gingerbread Man, girl, jumped as the voices echoed off the walls.

"Carter!" Amber screamed. "Hold on! I'm going to turn my phone flashlight on!" Amber quickly pulled out her phone. The orange haired boy was glaring at the darkness, not really sure of where Amber was, but tried his best at finding her.

"Ashton!" Carrot Head screamed. "Calum! Michael!"

"Luke?" A low, and creepy voice whispered into his ear. Luke screamed like a little girl and turned, swinging a punch at the person, or thing.

"Ow! S***, Luke! That hurt!" Ashton exclaimed. Amber turned around to see what all of the commotion behind her was.

"Ashton!" Michael scolded. "That's fifty cents in the swear jar." Ashton sighed.

"Boo." A low voice whispered into Amber's ear.

"Hey, Carter." Amber shrugged cooly.

"You suck." Carter whined. Amber nodded, thinking, just keep saying that.

"No." Amber replied.

"The question is, though..." Carter paused dramatically. "What do you suck?" She wiggled her eyebrows.


The boys turned around to face the sisters in shock. "What?" Carrot Head asked.

"You won't believe it, Carrot Head!" Amber exclaimed. Calum, Michael, and Ashton snickered, but Luke turned red with irritation.

"What?" He replied through gritted teeth.

"My little sister is being a perv. She said I suck and I said 'no,' and then she said 'the question is, what do you suck?' And oh my gina, she's so weird!" Amber rambled.

"Well, she isn't the one who said 'oh my gina'." Luke shot back in a high pitched voice. Amber glared at him.

"Oh, look, the tables have turned." Carter smirked.

"Oh, shut up, Carter!" Amber exclaimed, causing her voice to crack. She hung her head, staring at her feet, as everyone laughed at her voice. She looked up and flicked everybody off.

"Hey!" Ashton exclaimed.

"Ya know, I'm tired, so I'm going to find somewhere to sleep." Amber said.

"Can I come with you?" Luke asked. Amber nodded slowly.

The two walked off, lighting their path with Amber's cell phone. "Darn it! I have twenty percent battery left!" Amber Exclaimed. Luke's eyes widened with realization. Panic began to settle in the Luke's chest and his breathing became uneven. Thoughts swirled through his mind, making him light-headed and dizzy.

Soon, you'll be in complete darkness. The monsters will get you then. Luke looked over his shoulder and in each aisle they passed. They're gonna get you, and when they do, you're gonna die. Luke whimpered.

"Luke, are you okay?" Amber turned to look at the boy that was trailing behind her. She shined the flashlight in his face, realizing that he was crying. "Luke, what's wrong?" She asked worriedly. He began sobbing.

"They're gonna get me, and kill me, and I'm gonna die!" He sobbed. Amber was frightened at this. She was scared out of her mind at the thought of something killing them.

"Nothing is going to hurt us." She said, stepping towards the orange headed boy. He immediately fell into her embrace, sobbing in her shoulder. There was a bit of a height difference, she was at least a good five or six inches shorter than he was.

"The darkness is going to eat us alive." He sobbed. It now clicked in Amber's head that he was afraid of the dark. She wasn't afraid of the dark, just what's in it.

"Luke, calm down. We have to find our stuff before the-" It was too late. The phone was now powering off. Luke began hyperventilating. "Luke," she said calmly. "take my hand." He nodded against her shoulder.

"Where is it?" He hiccuped. She reached out in front of her and found his chest. She bit her lip. She made her way over to his shoulder, sliding her hand down his arm, feeling his bicep and tried to keep in a groan, and finally finding his hand. Luke would be very good looking and would she would totally go after him, but the hair kills the look.

"What's your natural hair colour?" Amber asked. Her goal was to get his mind off the darkness around them.

"Blonde." He replied. "My friends dyed it orange in my sleep." Amber laughed. She squeezed his hand.

"Well don't worry, it doesn't look too terrible." Amber continued to laugh. "Considering that you have really blue eyes, dark brown hair will make you look absolutely irresistible."

Luke shook his head as his cheeks became warm and a light shade of pink. "You really think so?" Luke asked.

Amber was just about to reply, when Luke screamed and jumped into her arms. "Please don't kill me! I swear, I'll do anything!" He was sobbing into Amber's shoulder as she hugged him tightly. Boys laughter filled the store, bouncing off the walls in eerie echoes.

"Guys, that's not funny!" Amber yelled in rage. Carter flicked a flashlight on. An actual battery powered flashlight.

"I'm sorry Amber, I didn't know that Luke was afraid of the dark." Carter said. Amber glared at her sister, her jaw was tense, and her eyes were piercing with rage.

"It's okay." Luke whispered. He took a deep breath and squeezed Amber tighter before letting her go. "Sorry 'bout that." He muttered to her.

"Luke, it's okay. We all have fears. Some are just worse than others." Amber said, stroking his arm. "You don't have to act tough around me." She pulled Luke into a hug.

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