Fighting For Her

Kylie couldn't stand living with her father anymore. She felt bad for leaving her mother with him, but she had to get away from him. She went to the Café a block over later that day and looked at the tv hanging from the wall. There was a Breaking News Report.

There was a huge car crash. One person killed and another injured. That van looks likes my mom's. It... it.... it is my mom's. She's .... she's .... dead.


9. Getting Her back

Louis pov:

I woke up and saw Nialler on the living room floor next to me.  Liam was pacing back and forth, Zayn was talking to himself, and Harry was on his phone.  I could see a tear coming out of Nialler's eye and them a bunch started running sown his face.

"Look lads, Niall's criying" I said.

"You should pobably wake him up.  He's obviously having a nightmare." Liam said.

Niall's pov:

"Let her go! She ran way because of you! I yelled to Mark who was holding Ky.

"If i can't have her, no one can have her!"

Mark yelled, pulling out a gun and holding it Ky's head.

"Nialler, NIaller, Nialler! Ky said and Mark loaded the gun.

"Noooooo !!!!!!!!!  I yelled as Mark pulled the trigger and I heard th gunshot.

"Nialler!" I heard.

I opened my eyes to Louis shaking me and the rest of the lads were gatheree around me .

Oh, thank god.  It was just a dream."  I said so relieved.

"Did the cops really taze us and just leave us?" I asked.

"Yep.  THey gave us this>"  Zayn said as Harry handed me a piece of paper.

"We have to go to court????  Loi and I said at the exact same time.

"In a couple of hours."  Harry said.

"Then we need to get her into our custidy." I said.

So we got ready and Mark told his half of the story and we told ours.

I\"I've decided who Kylie's guardian/ guardians  will be......


We all hugged each other and jumped up and down.  Everybody looked at us with a scared but understanding look.  Ky ran over t me and hugged me so tight , I almost coud't breath.  Wait, that was vise-versa.

"Oh, sorry love."  I said once I saw her purple face.

"Idon't care.  Thank you." KY sais

"And guess what?"  Isaid

"What?" KY said

"Well , we brought your stuff in case they kept you in you fathers custody, and we put a gift in it LIam said, handing her her bag.

KY's pov:

Omg i want to go up there and kiss the judge. i love my father but I can't live with him.

"Go on. Open your present"Nialler said, pointing to the wrapped box on the top of my bag when i opened it up.

I took out the box and shreeded the wrapping paper,basically.It was a box that said iPhine 5c written on it. I opened the box and there it was. a purple iPhone 5c!!!!! There was a purplle case with a cute little cartoona girraffe on it."Are you seriously giving this to me?!?!" Iasked with a smile.

"Yes. But you have to work for it ."Louis said in a grown up voice.

"Once we get home. Like home home,"Louis added.

I squealed. I looked over at my dad who was looking at me with puffy red eyes.

I. <3. U. i signed to him.

"Your phone is charged so you can use it right now.We charged it for you,"Louis said.

"Thankyou guys. I love you guys so much." I said and I looked over to my dad who was looking at me , and he looked away. I knew he was about to cry again.

I Turned on my phone and typed in my dad's phone number:




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