Fighting For Her

Kylie couldn't stand living with her father anymore. She felt bad for leaving her mother with him, but she had to get away from him. She went to the Café a block over later that day and looked at the tv hanging from the wall. There was a Breaking News Report.

There was a huge car crash. One person killed and another injured. That van looks likes my mom's. It... it.... it is my mom's. She's .... she's .... dead.


8. Caught

Kylies pov:

Shoot! THe cop looked mad.

"Found her."  The cop yelled to his partner.  The other cop was walking up the stairs and they both walked into the room.

"Oh hello officers.  Who exactly did you find?"  I asked trying to play dumb.

One of the cops held up a photo of my 6th grade yearbook picture.  I looked different because of my fake contacts lenses and glasses.  "What's your name, sweetie?"

THe cop asked me politely.

"Um.... My name is Jaquelin Clarkson."

I said.

"Is that the person your lookin for?"  I asked in a kind of snooty way.

"PLease come with us." The cop said leading me out into the living room wher  my dad and the guys were.

"Is this your daughter?"  The cop asked my father.

"Idon't know this man."  I said.

"Ni, whats's going on darling?"  I said, explaining everything through my eyes.  Both pairs.

After I explaining evertthing , he took a second before he started talking. " Babe, its ok, I think there is just a misunderstanding."  Nialler said playing along.

"What?"  Everbody else said to us except for the cops inunison.

Niall's pov

Since when did Ky call me Ni, or darling?  Then our eyes locked and she started explaing everthing to me without saying a word.

"Babe, it's okay, I think its just a misunderstanding."  I said trying ti play along.

"What?"  All of the lads and Mark said in unison.

All of a sudden Mark pulled out a device and stared pushing buttons and then put the device up to Kys head .  It beeped.  "I told you she was here."  Mark said.

"Can't you leave me alone you old man?"  Ky said mad.

The cops picked Ky up by her arms and carried her to the door.

Louis and I ran to the door before the cops could get there.

"You can't take her!  She ran away for a reason!" Louise yelled.

"Please don't take me away from them.  They saved my life."  Ky said, and she started to cry hard.

See What you've done to your daughter.You ruined her childhood, so she ran away, which caused a death to her mother.  Can't you see that?  You've ruined her life, and we saved her from you, but you could't stay away. I said to Mark.

"Really? You're gonna tell me what i've done wrong?  You've kidnapped a 12-year-old girl and brain washed her to think i'm a bad guy? I don't think so buddy.  Thats enough you don't ever come near my child again!  Do you understand me ????"  Mark yelled as loud as he could at me.

He stared walking toward me one of the cops had to let go of Ky, who was still crying, and pulled out his tazer and tazed Mark.  We were all shocked.  KY kind of looked happy.

"Anyone ese want force?"  The police man said.

Everyone shaked their heads.  Please move before ther is no choice."  The officer said.

"I' am sorry, but I can't watch you take her away from the best place I think she's ever had the most care and attention, and then take her away from the 5 best fathers she will ever have and put her back under abusive drunk, bipolar, birth father, who not to mention will remind her of her late mother!" I said furious with the cops.

"yeah!"  The lads said in sync.

"So you aren't moving anytime soon?   The cop said trying to keep Ky from struggling.

"Nope!" Louise said

They looked at each other took out their tazers and next thing you know, I blacked out.


So this is for the "Are you the worlds best 1D  Fanfiction writer?"  Contest and I have been working soooo hard on this. I really hope I make the deadline! If you could  give me feedback about this that would mean the world to me!  I love one direction so much.  I want to win this so bad.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.



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