Fighting For Her

Kylie couldn't stand living with her father anymore. She felt bad for leaving her mother with him, but she had to get away from him. She went to the Café a block over later that day and looked at the tv hanging from the wall. There was a Breaking News Report.

There was a huge car crash. One person killed and another injured. That van looks likes my mom's. It... it.... it is my mom's. She's .... she's .... dead.


5. Another day

Kylie's pov:

 I woke up in Niall's arms.  I was still half asleep, but I can tell  he was snoring and I think he was drooling.  I wonder what he was dreaming about?  I looked at his alarm and it said 11:47.  I went out to the other guys' bedroom to see if anyone was awake.  I knocked on Louis'  door.  A few minutes later a half asleep Louis opened the door." Oh, good moring love. " What are you doing up so early?"  Louis said.

"It's almost noon.  How long do you guys sleep for?"  I asked Louis, who was more awake now.

"Oh, I don't know.  On our days off, we sleep until around 1:00 pm."  Louis said.

My god!  The latest I have ever slept was 11:00 am!" I said, shocked.

"Well, we do stay up really late all the time.  Louis said, making  a point.

"Are any of the other boys awake?" I asked.

"Probably not."  Louis said.

"Should we make breakfast for them?" I asked.

"We should  make brunch instead."  Louis said.

"Beat you to the kitchen!" I said and started running down the stairs to the kitchen with Louis chasing me.  Louis caught me on the stairs, picked me up, and carried me to the kitchen.
  I think I know who won."  Louis said, pointing to himself.

"Yes, it was me."  I said, in a dissapointed way to try to trick him.

"Yep. No one can beat the master!"  Louis said, proudly, not realizing that I said that I won.

I am the master aren't I?!"   I said, then broke out in laughter.

"But I won!"  Louis said in a pouty voice.

"You're gonna have to get through me for the name!"  I said, standing in a superman pose.

"I'll get you back for that McFadden." Louis said in a revengeful tone.

"Whatever you say."  I said with a grin and a giggle.

"How about after we make breakfast, we hide the food and pretned we made enough for us?"  I said with a devilish smirk.

"Well, only enough for you , me, and Niall. I don't want to ruin his morning."  I said to Louis.

"Do you like like Niall?"  Louis asked.

"Can you keep a secret?"  I asked Louis.

"I can.  Now spill it sista." Louis said in a sassy voice.

"Then yes. I like like Niall."  I said blushed.


Niall's pov:

I woke up and Kylie wasn't in bed anymore, so I decided to take a shower.  As I was getting up I  looked at Kylie's bag and I nticed how small it was.  It was open, and something was sticking out .  It was a collage that she must've made.  It said My First Communion .  It was pictures of har and her family.

There was a picture of her with who looked like her parents.  She looks so much like them.  THen I noticed something under it .  It was a blanket.  I took it out to see it beter it was one of the blankets with the lads and I on it.

"What are you doing?"   Ky said.

"I'm so sorry, Ky I saw your collage when I walked by, then this was right under it, and I wanted to see what it was." I said in a sympathetic tone.

A tear rolled down her face and then she ran out of the room and down the stairs.

Kylie's pov:

I ran out of the room, down the stairs and into the kitchen with the guys and ran up to hug Louis."  What's wrong, love?" Louis asked.

I just cried into his chest. He rubbed my back to comfort me.  Once I calmed down, I whispered everything into his ear.

Louis' Pov:

"I'll finish cooking breakfast and you go wake the other lads up." I told Ky.

"Ok, louis." She said.

"Call me boobear, ok?"  I said, which made her smile.

"KK,boobear."  She giggled, then went up the stairs.

A few minutes later Harry came down the stairs half asleep, then, liam, then Zayn.

"Ky tickeled me awake." Harry said.

 "She just poked my cheek, introduced herself, pulled the blanket off me, and ran out the door." Zayn said.

"Same here." Liam said after.

Then all of a sudden Ky came running down the stairs and ran to me and started hugging me.

"What's wrong, love?"  I asked her.

Ky whispered everyting into my ear I can't believe Niall would do that.

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