Kathy Remirez is a girl who has completely lost her sanity...or did she? In the Pascadero Hospital,a mental hospital, she joined the group A.D.R.E.N.A.L.I.N.E which was for people who REALLY saw things that were REAL. They fought to protect the oh-so-gullible earth,but when Kathy reunites with her friend,Axis Phantom,nothing ,from friendships to A.D.R.E.N.A.L.I.N.E,is the same.


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

By eight in the morning,I was awake and Axis was still asleep. Weird...she's the type to wake up before me...maybe she stayed up longer than I did.

I got up,making sure the bed didn't creak,and looked at a few drawings she made. They were really good...but one caught my eye:the one with me and her. I was holding some yellow energy ball along with Axis. I felt like this should be this was a clue to some of my unanswered questions. Then I looked at the one with me,her and Andy. This was a cute portrait of us sitting at a picnic and her drawing. I was trying to combine Cheetos,Ics Cream,sandwiches,and cupcakes,while Andy was laughing. These moments were so good...I wanted to cry.

Then I looked into Axis's wardrobe. There were hoodies,t-shirts,and jeans:normal outfits. I looked at mine. Lots of pretty princess tank tops and skirts. The only decent things in there were my Sailor Moon hoodie,Deadpool T-shirt,my Superman T-Shirt,and a few pairs of shorts. As I compared the two closets,I immediately had an idea. I changed into my Deadpool shirt,Axis's jeans,and her striped hoodie. "Mmm,"I snuggled into it happily.

A few minutes later,Axis woke up. I was drawing an OC when she stirred a bit. "Morning, nee-chan,"I smiled,eating pocky.

"Good morning,Ka--,"she stopped,then said,"Is that my hoody..?" Then I turned as she looked at me. "Are those my jeans?!"

"Hey," I said. "My parents ALWAYS make me dress up and the STILL do! Now at I'm out of the house,I'm dressing up nice and comfy!"

"Don't you have a Sailor Moon hoodie?,"she glared.

"Yeah,"I admitted. "But this one's snugglier. AND it smells like you"

"Whatever,"she rolled her eyes. "You can wear my stuff."

"Really?,"I blinked.

"Yeah,"she said. "But DONT mess it up!"

"Alright,nee-,"I started,but I was cut off by the door opening.

"Katherine Remirez,"a security guard said. "Your psychiatrist has arrived."

I walked over to the man,scared. I looked back at Axis,who was giving me a look that said 'Good luck'. I smiled weakly as another officer came in and they both grabbed my wrists tightly.


"Now,Katherine,"the psychiatrist,Dr. Brown,said. "How do you feel about supernatural beings?"

"I believe,"I started. "That they are real and all around us"

"Really?,"she asked,writing something in a black notebook. "Interesting. And who might exactly be 'axis_in_wonderland'? This person seems to have...TOLD you about the information."

"I don't know them,"I lied. I HAD to protect Axis. It was the only way that I could A)Stay alive and B)Not bang my head on the express elevator again.

"Then why do you believe them?,"she raised an eyebrow.

"Because he,or she,has earned my trust,"I explained. "Better than anyone I know...even in reality"

"Hmm,"the Doctor drummed her fingers. "Well,those are your beliefs. But I think that the fact that you're seeing things and all that...I believe,sweetie,you are hallucinating,due to what this person is telling you."

I kept my face blank,trying to fight the emotion inside. That's what I do in confrontations,after all. "Yes,Doctor,"I simply said.

"Now,"she said. "We are here to help you. So can you please cut all ties with this axis_in_wonderland?"

"Yes Doctor,"I said,though I couldn't. Sure,I could de-friend her and I favorite all her artwork (I hate psychiatrists)...but that won't stop me from seeing her in reality.


As soon as the guards threw me in the room (these guards REALLY hate me,don't they?) a

Axis immediately ran to me and caught me from falling.

"What did they do?,"she began asking. "Did they make you confess? Did they make you tell them?" And she kept asking questions.

"Axis!,"I stopped her. "It's fine. They just told me to cut all ties with your account on Drite."

She took a breath. "Good,"she said.

"Why?,"I asked. "Did they do anything to you?"

"Let's just say,"she said. "That they drove me to almost complete insanity."

I blinked. "Oh,"I murmured quietly.

Then she smiled,though I knew it was fake. "Now hurry up,or we're gonna miss lunch"

Lunch wasn't exactly what I'd expected. It wasn't where we all just stood in our dorms and they'd throw the food at us in the room. Nope! It was homey and clean. I think it was so that we hospital people can relax and interact;just because the doctors here are gullible doesn't mean they're not nice.

Axis and I sat at the table with Venice,Denise,and Allie,the one with hot pink hair. She was older than me,WAY older,but she had the same immature look I had on my face.

"Hey guys!,"she smiled a very bright,yet genuine smile. "How's it goin'?"

"Kathy here has JUST gotten out of Psychiatrist Treatment and has not lost her insanity,"Axis smiled,apparently proud of me (yay!).

"Awesome!,"Venice,the girl who congratulated me when I 'PWNED' the boys at hacking training.

As we sat down,we all talked about random stuff,like our experiences before we left...except Denise. She was a quiet one,but there was something in her eyes that I didn't get. As Axis and I finished explaining how I went crazy with coffee one time (and gotten coffee drunk) Denise stifled a laugh.

"You guys have been through a lot together,haven't you?,"She smiled.

"Yup!,"I smiled cheesily,popping the "p".

"Especially when we became friends,"she said jokingly quiet,remembering that I used to just come up to her whenever I was bored out of my mind. Everyone laughed as we all went out of the room.

On the way into the hall,someone grabbed my wrist. It was Denise. "Ah,meet ya at the dorm,Axis!,"I called after her as she nodded and walked back.

"So what's up?,"I asked the little cutie (she was about only twelve).

"I need to ask you,"she said. "What did you dream of last night?"

I blinked,then explained.

"Ah,"she said carefully. "So it worked."

"Was..,"I said. "Was that you?"

She nodded. "I'm not human,"she whispered. "So I know what I'm doing"

My eyes widened,then I asked,"Can I tell-,"but she held her finger up.

"Only Axis,"she said. "But no one else."

I nodded,waved,then ran back to the room to tell Axis.

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