Kathy Remirez is a girl who has completely lost her sanity...or did she? In the Pascadero Hospital,a mental hospital, she joined the group A.D.R.E.N.A.L.I.N.E which was for people who REALLY saw things that were REAL. They fought to protect the oh-so-gullible earth,but when Kathy reunites with her friend,Axis Phantom,nothing ,from friendships to A.D.R.E.N.A.L.I.N.E,is the same.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"STOP! NO! LET ME GO YA FREAKS!,"I tried to free myself from the men's grasps. I was in the Pascadero hospital:a hospital for people with mental problems. That was me. I was the freak.

They threw me into my cell with my unknown partner. Apparently,this one wasn't insane at all,considering the cleanliness of this place. Everything was lined up and,if I wasn't mistaken,drawings hung everywhere. I immediately knew who it was.

"Long time no see 'sissy',"I said. She stood up,out of her chair,and walked out of the shadows.

"So you got my message?,"she asked.

"Not really,"I said. "My texting has been on lockdown and adults get the texts no matter what."

She took pocky out of her mouth. "Well,easier for you. The 'social club' has been waiting for forever for your arrival"

"So you're congratulating me?,"I asked.

She shrugged. "In a way."

I walked to the table to see a picture of three girls. Well,it wasn't in tact. One girl had glasses and a comic book in one hand,another hand in a pocket. Another girl had hair that was slightly shorter than the first and had a notebook with a pencil. The last one was wearing Mickey ears and was fangirling. Each of the areas were ripped and crumpled and the letters in BFF were each separated with each girl.

I wiped a small tear. "You never threw it away you said."

"I never said I didn't ruin it,"she replied,sharpening a pencil,but not making complete eye contact with me.

"Why?,"I asked. "Why couldn't we just be friends again? Why did you pull her hair? You know that's like--,"

"Pulling a trigger,I know!,"she yelled.


"Didn't you hear what I said?,"she asked. "I said when someone leaves,I dont go running back to them."

Silence yet again.

"So,"I said. "What's this group you really needed me to join?"

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