What happened to forever


1. the filing thing about Niall

I walked down the hallway in anger.

"Niall horan! This is the last straw!" I took the rest of the paint from the paint can and dumped it on him.

"You've ruined my favorite sweater, I'll be painted neon green for about a month, you've ruined my entire 8th grade! I hate you!" I stormed out of the school and called my mom.


I held my books close to my chest. I can't believe I had to move back to Mullinger. My dad gave me a petite smile.

"Come'on bug. Just give it a try around here." I smiled.

"Fine." My dad always new how to cheer me up. I walked upstairs getting ready for 11th grade orientation.

My dad started the car and we drove back to my old school.

I walked around and smiled. The walls. The floor. The smell. Just as I remembered. We walked down a hallway and I saw something familiar. A lime green locker splattered with paint. My locker from 8th grade.

I huffed. I almost forgot.

We walked in and there was Marlene. She gasped.

"No, way! It's you!" She smiled and hugged me hard.

"I missed you so much!" She squealed.

"Hey Marlene." I said. She smiled.

"God! Can we still be friends?" She asked. I smiled.

" why not. "

A teacher got on the stage and blew a whistle.

"Good evening. I'd like to welcome everybody. This year we have 3 new students! Starting in 7th grade is Jessica Preston! In 9th grade is geegee hites! In 11th grade former student returned, Samantha greete!" Everybody clapped. "Please come join me on the stage." I slowly walked up. In the crowd I spotted the last person I wanted to see. Niall. His mouth twitched. Is he giving me the look?

I walked down the steps of the school when I heard someone yell my nickname.

"Hey, bug!" I turned around.

"Oh dad I'll meet you in the car. " he nodded and walked away.

I laughed. "You still remember my nickname " I asked. He nodded.

"Hey listen. My friends and I are all going to the skate park. I was wondering if you'd like to come. Unless you don't skate anymore. You know cuz ur different. "I raised my eyebrow.

"Different , how?" Niall but his lip.

"Girly, hot. Taller. Prettier. " he whispered the last word.

"You thought I was pretty back then!?" I snorted.

" by the way why would I. You're a complete jerk"

"Listen. I know I've been harsh to you. I'm sorry. But I want a new start. I always thought you left because of the things I did. "

"Oh Niall. I left because my parents got a divorce. And somewhat you. But you know what. You asked nicely. So I'll give it a go. "


2weeks later

I walked into the school wearing a cute outfit my dad bought me yesterday.

"Somebody looks nice. " it was Niall.

"Stop flattering me. I hate the feeling. " I punched his shoulder.

"Why. Your so beautiful. "

I smiled.

"You dick! I said stop!" I laughed. Tiffany scoffed.

"If you like each other so much then Jair go out already!" She yelled and continued walking.

"I like her idea. " Niall said.

"I don't. To be honest. I've never had a boyfriend "

"Maybe I could be your first?" Niall said.

"Maybe. But not in a million years. " I laughed.

Niall got down on one knee and started shouting.

"Samantha Riley greete. Will you please go out with me?" He yelled. I slapped his shoulder.

"If I say yes will you stop!"

"Sure!" I swallowed.

"Yes?" He stood up and acted casual.

"Bye. Girlfriend."

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