4 Years of One Direction || Fan letters

Hello everyone! Welcome to the book of Directioners letters! I'll be running this book on for a whole year! Details will be in the first chapter, so go on and read Directioners letters! Posted: July 23, 2014 at 8:22 p.m. UK time. ©Copyright Shyviolin 2014. Please no duplicating.


10. 9|| Narry <3


Dear One Direction ,

I remember that day I was crying, shifting through the tv channels, then seeing you..your sounds, your words, your everything made me in love with you ...4 of u stole my heart and the fifth ate it. I remember when tears were streaming down my face and lying on the floor, hating life..from all the heartbreaks..but then listening to WMYB that lightens everything up...the days u made me rise from the ashes and live life again..the days u gave me fate in myself when no one else did..I remember the auditions, the performances the tweets for voting for u...I remember Louis being shy, I remember Harry saying 'buh' , I remember zayn not wanting to dance, I remember Niall saying 'I won't let u down', I remember Liam coming back and his voice in the audition. I remember the video diaries...Harry's curls, Superman Louis, Liam fear of spoons
I remember when up all night was out, hearing moments all night long. I can't forget about those little things and I can't stop thanking u for saving my life.

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