Bayside beach house

Scarlett, Taylor, and Skye are basically siblings. What happens when they go to Scarlett's Uncle's beach house for the summer? You'll have to see...


13. ch. 12

Taylor's POV

Just as Scarlett was going to respond about whether she loves Adam or not I heard Skye's scream. She was introuble. As we sprinted down the stairs I saw Jason with the gun next to her head. "Anyone who moves will get her killed." Jason said. I looked down at her hand and it was all mangled and bloody, he must of smashed it with the gun. "why Jason? you're better than this..." Scarlett said. "She broke my heart last summer so now i'm giving her karma." Jason replied. just then I saw Spike walk into our yard, but Jason didn't notice. I nodded to let him know we were introuble. He then started dialing 911. In a matter of minutes the cops and an ambulance were here. Jason was arrested and Skye was rushed to the hospital. "We may not be able to save her hand." the doctor said. "We will try our best but there are no guarantees she will have 2 hands when she comes out of surgery. We waited for about 2 1/2 hours until the doctor came out again. "She's out of surgery now, you two may go see her." We rushed to recovery to see if she had two hands still. As we walked over to her bed we saw that both hands were still there, thank God. We texted our parents that she was okay and there's no need to come up here. Scarlett and I spent the night in the hospital with Skye and then took her home the next morning. She was shaking as we passed the kitchen, that's where he had her at gun point. I told Scarlett to go get some rest since she didn't sleep much last night and I would sleep in Skye's bed. I got her in bed and held her in my arms and said "I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you, I promise little sis." that made her relax and fall asleep fast. Soon after she went to sleep, I did the same. It made me so mad that someone would hurt her like that. I woke up to Skye shaking. "Jason was in my dream, he was chasing me." she said. "don't worry he is jail now." She fell asleep again and then i drifted off again as well. When we all woke up it was dinner time. As we were eating Scarlett got a call. "Yes we will be there bright and early" Scarlett said and then hung up. We had Jason's court appearance tomorrow, they were planning on giving him 15 years in jail since he is 18. I'm gonna wanna beat that guys ass so bad when I see him but itleast he is gonna suffer in a more painful way. After dinner we all decided to go to bed again, since tomorrow will be a long day.

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