Emily lives in an orphanage. What will happen when she finds out that her parents are her rolemodels?


5. the boys

(Still Emily's p.o.v.)

*beep beep beep* i woke up to my annoying alarm. I looked at the clock. "Oh my god, who woke me up at 5:30? IN THE MORNING??" I yelled waking everyone up. Then i heard a few giggles. I turned around slowly and saw Harry, Niall and Zayn giggling. "Oh you better run" i said angrily. They all tried to run but i caught all of them because they are idiots and decided to run together. I attacked them. "Now you've learned your lesson not to wake me up at 5:30 in the morning."i said kindly after i was done hurting them. Then I ran back upstairs and got in the shower. I put on a black crop top that had neon pink splatters all over it, i put on a pair of black high waisted shorts and some black and pink toms. Then my phone vibrated. Hayden=h emily=e

H•hi emily i have a surprise for you when you get to school

E• okkk i cant wait

H•me either i cant wait to see your reaction

E•okk ill see you in a little bit is it okay if me and Zach walk together?

H• yes its fine

Then I put my phone in my pocket and straightened my hair and did my makeup. I put on some light eye shadow and put on some mascara and a little bit of eye liner and put a pink flower crown on. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought wow I actually don't look hideous today. Then I walked downstairs and put my phone on the charger before i left to school. When i was about to walk out i remembered my phone and it was fully charged. I turned on my music. The first song that came on was Disasterology by Pierce the Veil. I started to walk when i felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Zach. He looked really sad. "One we don't have nicknames for each other and 2 my brother is coming to my school. I hate him so much." He said. " oh im sorry. And i have a nickname for you." I said. His face light up. "What is it??" He asked excitedly. "Muffin" i said because i know he loves muffins. "OMG I LOVE MUFFINS" he yelled at me. "Okay what is my nickname?" I asked him. "Baby-cakes" he said. "OMG THATS SO CUTE" i yelled causing people to stare. "WHAT??" I screamed. Hayden walked up and gave me a pink bandana. I put it on. We walk a bit then stopped. I smelled the cafe. What the?? I thought. "Hayden? Babe where are you?" I asked getting scared. I started to cry. Hayden rushed over and said "i was getting the surprise ready" then i heard cameras snapping pictures. "Babe take off your bandana. I turned around fixed my hair and put it on. "This is how Taylor would do it." I said out loud accidentally. Then i heard a giggle i could recognize anywhere. "T-Taylor??" I said whipping around fast. There he stood. Taylor Caniff. "" Was all i could say. He ran up and hugged me. I hugged him back. I started to cry. "Why are you crying?" He asked. "Because i finally get to meet my idols." I said looking at 5sos and the Magcon boys. They all ran over to me and hugged me. When the hug was done Hayden tapped my shoulder. As i turned around i felt a sting on my cheek. Then I was on the ground when I realized that he had just hit me. " YOU SLUT ALL YOU WANT IS ATTENTION FROM BOYS." He screamed at me. As he got closer still holding my cheek i scooted back. He stepped on my hand. "OWW GET OFF ME." I yelled as i felt my bone pop. Then Hayden was on the ground and Cameron was on top of him. Taylor helped me up. "Are you okay??" He asked. "No. I-I-I-Im n-not." I sobbed into his shirt. "Im sorry for getting mascara on your shirt." I said quietly. "Babe its okay." He said. I ran out of the building causing everyone to stare at me. I heard people running after me. Matt and Luke along with Ashton were running after me. I wasn't paying attention and I tripped. I felt them cradling me. I sobbed uncontrollably. Then they walked me back to the cafe where Hayden was standing there crying. I hung back a little and listened to him crying. " i didn't mean it i love her its just she never talks to me anymore." He cried into Calums shoulder. I ran to the lady's room and fixed my makeup. I walked past Hayden and didn't look at him. I felt bad for him but at the same time i wanted to kill him. "Who wants to go to the pool at my house?" I asked everyone. I got a bunch of me's. We walked home and i yelled inside. "Daddy?" "Yes?" "Can I have some friends over??" I asked. "Yeah whatever, just be safe." "Come on guys." I said to them. We all ran upstairs to my room. I grabbed my bikini and went to the bathroom to put it on. I took of my makeup. I walked onto the room and got some whistles from Taylor and Nash. I blushed as I looked down at my feet. We all went into the pool. When we were done we changed. "What do you guys wanna play??" I asked. "TRUTH OR DARE!" I heard Louis and Harry yell at the same time. Then all the boys came down and we played truth or dare. "I go first." Taylor said. "Emily truth or dare?" "Truth" "who is the cutest guy in this room?" He asked. " i cant decide. Either Taylor or Luke or Matt." I replied. I looked at Luke, Taylor and Matt and they were blushing. "Lukey truth or dare?" I said to him. "Truth." "On a scale of 1-10 how cute am i?" I asked "1000" he replied as i blushed. I smiled at him. We played for a few hours. Then the boys asked their parents to have a sleepover. They all said yes. "Emily can I talk to you??" Taylor asked. "Yes?" "Well I know that we just met but, w-w-will you b-be my g-g-girlfriend?" He asked nervously. "Yes of course" i replied as he kissed me. We all went to sleep. Me Luke and Taylor had the bed and everyone else was on the floor. It was Luke then me then Taylor.

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