Emily lives in an orphanage. What will happen when she finds out that her parents are her rolemodels?


3. school

                                       Emily's p.o.v.

"Wake up love. Emily you really need to go to school." I heard Niall's voice whisper in my ear."nooooooo I don't wanna go to school." I said putting a pillow over my head. "Five more minutes."I said "OK." He responded when the alarm for five minutes went off I felt cold water on my face. "NIALL!!" I shrieked. Then he just walked out of the room. I got up and got dried off, brushed my teeth. I picked out a purple plaid shirt with a gray undershirt with some cute jean shortshorts and some gray Toms and a few  bracelets. I walked downstairs and smelled pancakes. I saw a big plate of chocolatechip pancakes with whipped cream and some strawberrys. "I have a present for you Emily." Louis said. He handed me a few boxes from all of the boys. From Louis I got an IPhone 5 it already had the boys numbers in it. I got a real gold necklace with a diamond on it from liam. From Zayn I got a few beanies. From Niall i got some Macon tickets. And last from Harry I got a few gift cards like to Hollister, and other good places. I kissed all the boys goodbye and walked to school. There was a boy walking to Melbourne High."hi my name is Zac." He said. "Hi I'm Emily." I replied. Oh my god he was so cute. He was a bit taller than me. "I'll see you out here later and maybe I can walk home with you?" He said. " Yeah sure bye." Then I felt hands on my eyes. "Guess who it is?" I recognized him Immediately. "Hayden!" I yelled really loud hugging him. Then he kissed me. We walked into school together, hand in hand. " I'm going to start walking you to class from now on." He said to me. "Ohh OK. I missed you Hayden." I said sadly. "Why so sad babe?" Hayden asked. "Because I miss you." I said. He just pulled something out of his pocket. It was a bracelet with our names on it. "Awwww Hayden." I said. "I made it just for you." "Oh and look." He said as he rolled up his sleeve revealing his muscles. He tattooed my name on his arm. "Awww I want one with your name on it in my arm. " I said. Then he pulled me into the janitors office. And wrote Hayden with a heart next to it. " awww yay I have another tattoo."I say sarcastically. "Ha.ha.ha." he said jokingly. "I have to get to class so." I said. Then we walked out of the room and to my class he kissed my cheek." Bye see you later. Skype me." He said. "OK I will bye." Then I walked into my class and let the horrible day begin.I waited at the double doors for Zac. Finally he walked out. "Finally." I say under my breath. "Soo you know Hayden?" He asked me. "Yeah I do. Why do you ask?" I asked. "He has the biggest crush on you he always talks about you when he can." Zac giggled. I giggled too. "Do you wanna sit with me and the football team tomorrow?" Zac asked me. "Yeah sure." I responded. "Well this is it." I said as we walked up to my house. "Wow this is a big house." Zac said stunned. " I guess. Well see you tomorrow Zac." I said before walking inside. "Hello??" I asked. Great I'm home alone. I called Hayden. "Hi." He said sadly. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I saw you with Zac." "Nothing is happening between us he lives next door." "I have to go." Hayden said.,"Hayd-" I was cut off by him ending the call. "JERK" I yelled at him. Then I layed down and cried myself to sleep all night long.

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