Emily lives in an orphanage. What will happen when she finds out that her parents are her rolemodels?


4. not at school

I woke up the next day not feeling good. My eyes were still red and puffy from last night. I jumped into the shower and used my hair dye to dye my hair more pink because the color was fading. When i was finished i put on some pjs and walked downstairs. I saw Louis. I walked up to him thinking about what Hayden did to me last night, tears streaming down my face. "Louis?" I asked. "Yes dear whats wrong?" He said as he turned around. " i dont want to go to school today." I said to Louis. "Do you want to talk about it?" He asked. I nodded. We sat down and i told him about Zac and about what Hayden did to me last night. "Honey im sorry." He said and right then I saw Zac walking by. I ran to the door. "Hey Zac, i wont be at school today." "Oh. Ok. Bye see you later." He said. I shut the door. "Im going back to bed. If thats ok." I said to Louis. "Yeah its fine." He said. I layed down on my bed and updated twitter: "not going to school today" and i fell asleep. When I woke up it was 4:00. ZAC!! I instantly thought. I looked outside and saw Zac with his friends. I jogged back upstairs. Then 5 minutes later i heard a knock at the door. I walked downstairs. When I opened the door. Zac and his friends were there with a bouquet of roses. "Aww thanks Zac." I said. "Niall if you come put these roses in a jar ill buy you Nandos." Then the flowers were being snatched out of my hands. I felt Niall kiss me. "Why did u kiss me?" I asked. "Because i can." He said walking away. "Is this good??" Niall asked me. "Perfect and just go put them upstairs in my room. Pleases." I asked. "Fine" " thanks" " missed you," said Zac. " i missed you too." I said to him. "Do u wanna hangout tomorrow after school?" He asked me. " yeah ill be there" i said with a big smile. "Bye" "bye Zac" i closed the door. I went upstairs and smelled the roses. I looked at my phone and had 5 missed calls from Hayden. I called Hayden. Its like he knew i was calling. •hello?

• hi, why werent you at school today? He asked

•didnt feel good.

•oh okay bye



•why did you get mad yesterday when me and zac were together

•because Zac always gets the girls i like. I dont want him to take you too.

•oh. If he does i will love you more than i love him. Always.

•ok you will be there 2morrow right?

•yes i will

•okay bye


Then i ate dinner and went to sleep.

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