Emily lives in an orphanage. What will happen when she finds out that her parents are her rolemodels?


1. Hayden

                               Emily's p.o. v. 

I watched my best friend leave the orphanage after being here for 4 years. My parents died when I was 7 in a plane crash. I'm now 14 years old. I'm Emily by the way. I'm medium sized and I have neon pink hair and light blue eyes. My role models are Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Cadler. Why? Because they are the perfect couple. I am snapped out of my daydream of them by one of the boys that live in the room next to mine. "Dinners ready. Hurry up." We raced eachother downstairs when he tripped laughing hysterically on the ground. I left him behind. "Hey that's not fair." He started. "Emily I need to see you in my office, please." Said Betty, she's like our mom. "I have some exciting news for you! YOU'RE GETTING ADOPTED!" she squawked in my face. I just stood there shocked, I felt a hot tear roll down my cheek. I walked out of the room everyone was starting at me. That's when Hayden realized what happened. "You're getting adopted aren't you?" He asked me with a sad tone. I just cried into his muscular chest. Hayden was my best friend since the day that I got here he was 2 years older than me. "Hey look, whatever happens I love you. Always remember that for me? He said for me to follow him. So I did he brought me to his room and pulled out a tattoo kit. " want one?" He asked. "Sure." I responded. " what are you gonna do? " I asked. "That's a surprise." He responded. Within 10 minutes he was done. It said "I love you no matter what P.S. stay sexy babe -Hayden" with a heart next to Hayden's name. He pulled a note out of his pocket. He handed it to me. "What's this??" "Just read it. It was a note saying how he felt about me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. " I love you Hayden." "I love you too." I stood up and went next door to my room. he has felt the same way about me that I felt about him the whole time. I went to sleep smiling. 

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