A Movellian Interview

From our homes to yours, A Movellian Interview travels across the globes to interview our favorite Movellians. We will each be asking our favorites to do an interview, and you can read about it! If you drop a story in the comments below, or want to be interviewed, ask! We'll check out your stories, and add you to our list!


5. Littlemiss111


1. How did you find Movellas?

I was actually on vacation scrolling through the App Store when I found the 1D Fanfiction App and decided to download it. The rest is history!


2. How did you come up with your username? Is there any significance to it?  

My username for almost everything was this one name (pippip143) and so when I came here I decided I wanted to change it, and this was the first thing that popped into my head!    


3. What are some of the reasons that you started to write?    

I had so many thoughts jumping around in my head, I figured if I didn't write some of them down, I'd go insane.    


4. Where do you come up with inspiration?  

A lot of my stories are actually variations of dreams that I've had. My movella I Won't Forget is based off of a dream I had a few months ago.    


5. What are your favorite genre(s) to read and to write?  

Romance and realism. I love to write sappy romantic stuff, but I also find deep things like suicide and depression really interesting to write about. (great, now I sound crazy)    


6. What are some of your favorite books and why?  

I love both of Giovanna Fletcher's books: Billy and Me and You're the One that I Want, just because they're so riveting and both romance novels, and that's one of my favorite genres. I also really like John Green books, I have all of them... :)    


7. Tell us about some of your other favorite things(songs, animal, food, etc.)  

I love to act and to sing. I'm part of a small community theatre and I've been in over 20 shows there. It's another place where I get inspiration to write. My movella The Face of Death was actually written backstage on my phone during a show.. Oops!    


8. What is your favorite Movella that you have written? Why is it your favorite? And where did the idea come from?    Ooh a toughie. I'm going to have to say either The Perfectly Awkward Side or I Won't Forget. Both are unfinished, but I've got the full outlines of both and I know where I want them to go, so they have to be my favorites. The idea for The Perfectly Awkward Side came to me when I was thinking about popularity and the idea of a secret relationship between someone popular and someone not, and the idea for I Won't Forget came from a dream in which I was Kate and my ex boyfriend was Adam!    


9. What advice would you give to others about writing?   

My advice would be to never give up on a piece. If you're stuck and you don't know what else to do with it, set it down for a bit. Let the ideas simmer down and come back later. Have a family member/friend/teacher/movellian read it and have them give you advice. Every idea is a good idea, you just have to write it the right way and at the right time for you.

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