A Movellian Interview

From our homes to yours, A Movellian Interview travels across the globes to interview our favorite Movellians. We will each be asking our favorites to do an interview, and you can read about it! If you drop a story in the comments below, or want to be interviewed, ask! We'll check out your stories, and add you to our list!


2. Katy Erin

1.How did you find movellas?

I actually discovered movellas through a friend. I wanted to read some of her writing, she knew that I'd been writing and just sharing with a friend over facebook and she linked me to this website to see who else would read :)


2.How did you come up with your username? Is there any significance to it?

My username is just my first and middle name. My last name is Canavan and I don't mind it so much now but when I created my movellas account, I hated it (years and years of being called Katy Caravan haha!) so I just used my middle name instead. 


3.What are some of the reasons that you started to write?

I've always been a huge reader so I guess that's a big part of it. I started writing in year 7 when my friend wrote a story, just to try it. If I remember rightly it was THG fanfiction haha! I then realised that I had ideas of my own and found that I enjoyed writing a story and creating characters and such things. I just found it really fun :)


4.Where do you come up with inspiration?

From quite a few places, but I guess music is a big part of it. I never look for inspiration really, I just sort of wait until an idea hits me. I usually listen to songs and suddenly think of a situation or characters or just little lines to put in a movella and all of a sudden have a whole story to write. But some aspects of my movellas come from things that have happened to me, or I think would be cool to happen to me. For example, in my movella 'Wonderstruck' I got the idea of castles because I go to castles sometimes, but the 'meeting a boy' part is yet to happen haha!


5.What is your favourite genre(s) to read and write?

Romance is my favourite to read and write! It is pretty much all I write, and if the movella is about something else, I'm sure romance will be heavily featured in it haha! As for reading, I enjoy a lot of genres. I love dystopian and some fantasy books, and of course romance. 


6.What are some of your favourite books and why?

I really cannot decide on a favourite book of all time! I just can't, it's impossible! I love Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, Starcrossed, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Looking for Alaska, TFIOS, Silver Linings Playbook; I basically love every book I read haha! My favourite book of the moment is usually whatever book I last read. Right now my favourite book is probably 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'. 

7.Tell us about some of your favourite things (songs, animals, food, etc)

I'm just gonna tell you a lot of random favourite things here haha. My favourite singer is Taylor Swift, my favourite song is Enchanted by Taylor, my favourite colour is yellow because it's a very happy colour, my favourite food is lasagna and also pizza, my favourite animal is probably a dog, my favourite band is Imagine Dragons, my favourite film is The Lovely Bones, and my favourite album right now is Storyline by Hunter Hayes. 


8.What is your favourite movella you have written? Why is it your favourite? And where did the idea come from?

My favourite movella I have written is 'Wonderstruck'. The idea came from the song Enchanted that I mentioned earlier. I just really love the idea of meeting a stranger and being 'enchanted to meet them' and I just really liked the idea of writing a movella about it. It's my favourite because it's probably the topic that I've felt most strongly about. It may not be a serious topic, but I just loved writing that one :)


9.What is some advice you would give to others about writing?

If you have an idea, go for it. Whether you're worried it's too weird, or too cliché, just go with it. If you have that feeling of an idea that you really want to write about, and if you feel really inspired about something, just go for it. Take your time, make it something you're proud of. Stories aren't just meant to be enjoyed by the reader, they're also meant to be enjoyed by the author.


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