Strange children

When a strange new family appears in town, odd things start to happen.


2. chapter two

Bree's POV

Then all of the sudden, the twin girls started to slowly walk up to me. Walk confused me was they were EXACTLY the same! Same hair, eyes, even clothes. It was creepy. Then, when they finally reached me they whispered,

"My name is phoebe, her name is Ashlee. We shall protect you no matter what. You are our first friend and possibly the last."

What did she mean by they shall protect me? Protect from what? At least they thought of me as friends. I didn't say anything and within a moments notice all of the pain had disappeared and so had both of the girls. I need to give the girls a gift for helping me. What should I get them? They're around me age. What about candy? Everyone likes candy. I'll get them each a strawberry sucker. I hope they'll like them.

Two hours later...

I finally got the suckers. I also got myself a blue raspberry one, since that's my favorite.

I'm finally here.

"Knock knock" a door swings open.

"Hello Bree, what brings you here?" Said phoebe and Ashlee in harmony.

"I got you guys each a sucker since you kindly helped me." I replied.

"Thank you Bree." They said back.

Now that I'm home, I can relax.

"Knock knock" goes my front door.

Oh man! Why! I just sat down too!

"Who are you?" I say....


Hey guys. I love those cliff hangers! Check out my other stories will ya? Thanks in advance


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