Mrs. All American // 5SOS Fanfic

Beatrice Moore unexpectedly moved away from New York to Australia, she hated the journey, hated the idea of moving and hated everything that was going on. But at the first day she met Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings. Suddenly all she can think about was Luke and Luke could only think about Beatrice, though they won't admit it. What will happen when she is suddenly involved with 5 Seconds of Summer?


1. New York to Australia


I stare at the clouds floating, I press my nose against the airplane window to see the sky change it's color, why did I have to move from New York to Australia? I sighed and took Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows and reread it. I've been in this stupid plane for more than 8 hours and it's been pretty lame, dumb airplane food, nothing really to do since we're stuck in a metal tube 10,000 meters above land. I didn't even touch my food at all. My name is Beatrice Isabelle Moore and I'm 16, I have dark brown hair and light brown eyes, I'm 5'8 and I have straight teeth and pearly whites, I have wavy hair and I'm pretty skinny, I'm definitely not anorexic though. I have dimples on my cheeks and I since I brush my hair a lot, like obsessively brushing it, I have soft hair. 

"Beatrice, you should eat," my mom instructed, I just rolled my eyes and took my fork, I stabbed the chicken and I started to cut it, my mom sighed, 

"Bee, I know it sucks," she said, "but it's for the best," 

"Sure mom, sure," I mumbled. My sister, Emma sat next to me, she was asleep with two magazines on top of her, my twin brother, Callan sat with Ruben, the eldest Moore, he too looked depressed. Thank god for Business though, the food was better and I hated Economy's small ass chairs. I ended up ignoring the chicken and ate the mash potato, which by the way, was absolutely tasteless. I took my phone and my earphones and started to shuffle my songs. My mom, noticing my attitude shuffle to her seat, which was next to my dad. 

13 hours

14 hours

15 hours 

God I hated airplane rides. Em was awake now and we were playing UNO. Emma is 17, I'm 16, so is Callan and Ruben was turning 19. 

"I don't want to move," I complained,

"Yeah well," she shrugged,

"Aren't you upset? I mean you're the most popular girl in New York, your 'label' will change, you realize that right?" I asked,

"I mean it was fun being popular and I'm sure I will be popular again," she flipped her hair to her side and I rolled my eyes at her over confidence. 

"And you?" she asked,

"I won, UNO, whatever, um me what?" I asked as I took her cards and shuffled it. 

"I mean you had like 2 solid friends for like your whole life," she said and I shrugged,

"I like being alone and have 2 solid best friends are way better than having 100 friends that will backstab you when they can," I said,

"Well, Australia will suck," she said and I nodded. 


"Welcome to Australia!" my mother cheered as we settled in the cab, we all raised our eyebrows at her since no one really wanted to leave New York. 

"Oh come on kids," dad chuckled,

"Yay," I mumbled sarcastically, dad raised an eyebrow at me and I laughed. 

"Bee we live near the ocean so you and Cal can surf," mom sang, 

"We live near the ocean?" Em shrieked, in happiness obviously,

"See, team spirit!" dad poked his head back, he was in the passenger seat. 

"Okay I can live with that!" Emma said taking her like 500th selfie, I unlocked my phone and clicked on Snapchat where I saw Emma's selfies, I mentally face palmed myself. 

"She's my favorite," dad joked pointing at Emma, 

"Wait till school starts," Ruben grinned, 

"Oh shut up," Emma said giving him the death stare. In about 20 minutes we arrived in what looked like a beach house,

"We live in a beach house?!" Emma sprinted out of the car,

"Surprise," mom and dad said showing us their jazz hands, the house was beautiful and big! I mean seriously, I thought we'd live in a small condo or something but this beach house was like a mansion, it was pretty as well. As I walked in there was a freaking fountain in the middle, I took my bags and went upstairs, 

"I PICK THIS ROOM! DIBS!" I heard Emma shout and I laughed, I walked in a room where you can see the ocean, it was so pretty,

"MINE!" I yelled,

"MINE!" I heard Ruben say,

"I PICK THIS ROOM!" Callan said and I heard my parents chuckle. The room I had was huge, as I walked near the window I noticed a corridor, I walked to it and noticed I had a huge walk in closet, I then put my stuff down and grinned, Emma probably didn't notice that, I walked further down the corridor and noticed that I had an aquarium as a floor, I looked down and noticed pretty fishes and I smiled, this won't be as bad as I imagined it would be. I went to the door and wrote 'BEE'S ROOM' in the front so Emma can't take it. I closed the door and walked down, I noticed we had a pool as well, the pool was grand and pretty. 

"Whoa," I opened my jaw, 

"Happy?" mom asked, 

"Um I guess," I shrugged and she laughed. 

"KIDS GET DOWN HERE PLEASE," dad said and I went to the living room, which wasn't a living room yet since the house was practically empty, but boxes scattered everywhere, 

"Dad this place is awesome," Emma said taking pictures, 

"Yeah I agree," Callan nodded, 

"Mhmm," Ruben said and everyone stared at me, I shrugged and then I smiled. 

"Okay so we're going to go to the department store to find beds, sheets, room decorations and stuff, here's a credit card for each of you to use for finding things for your room, including school supplies, school clothes and bags but don't waste it all," mom instructed and I could see the twinkle in Emma's eyes. 

"Here," she passed a credit card to each of us, Beatrice I. Moore it said on mine and I clutched it and smiled. 


While everyone went out shopping a second after we got our credit cards, I went to the beach, the beach was beautiful, the sand was clean and it wasn't crowded with tourists. I walked near the tip of the ocean and sat there, the water started to rise and touch me but I didn't care, 

"Isn't the water cold?" I heard a guy with a deep voice said, I turned around and noticed the prettiest eyes I've ever seen, he looked familiar though. 

"Yeah I guess," I said as the coldness finally hit me, I stood up and brushed sand off of my bum, he had blonde hair and it was quiffed, he was tall and he had a lip ring, he was absolutely hot, he smiled at me, 

"You're not from here?" he asked noticing my accent,

"Yeah, I actually just moved and I'm feeling very jet lagged," I laughed and looked down at my feet, 

"American?" he asked and I nodded, 

"New York," I pursed my lips, 

"Lukey," his friend called, his friend had black hair and his friend too was absolutely hot, he looked at me and then at him, wait I knew his friend too, were they famous? 

"Oh hi Cal," the guy said, 

"Oh um I'm Luke," he said and he had his hand out for me to shake, I shook his hand,

"I'm Bea-," I said before my sister interrupted, 

"BEEEE!" she yelled jogging to me, 

"Oh my god," she said as she stopped when she noticed the two guys in front of me, 

"OH MY GOD," she repeated louder and I stared at the two guys and at my sister who was freaking out, 

"C-c-c-Calum and L-l-l-Luke," she stuttered and Luke and Calum had an embarrassed smiled on, 

"I-I-I'm E-m-ma, Emma," she said smiling, 

"Cool," Luke said and then Emma asked for a picture with both of them which I had to take.

"Mom wants you inside," she said and I nodded,

"Wait," Luke said,

"Beatrice," I smiled, he wanted to say something but hesitated, 

"Can I see you again?" he asked,

"I'll be around," I winked before running towards my house. 



"Who hon?" she asked,

"Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood," she said taking a breath,

"Oh wait aren't they in a band?" I asked remembering their name,

"Okay so they talked to her and she doesn't even know who they are, and they're so hot in person!" she squealed, 

"Yup," I mumbled realizing I said that out loud I felt my cheeks burn, 

"And celebrities don't like it when you fangirl in front of them Em, maybe that's why," I suggested and she rolled her eyes and walked away, 

"DAAAAD," she yelled. 

"Hey hon did you buy anything yet?" my mom asked and I shook my head, 

"Well you should," she suggested and I nodded,

"I'm hungry." I said and my mom laughed,

"Aren't you always?" she chuckled and I grinned. 



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