Fire and Ice A Harry Styles Love Story

He's fire,she's ice...together their unstoppable...but apart their useless...

Jazmine Ellington is a MMA campion who has a reputation for never being beaten once since she was 14...she's beautiful,feisty,quick on her feet,sarcastic,witty,and brilliant...

Harry Styles is 1/5 of the biggest boy band in the world everyone know' as One Direction...he's,flirty,cheeky,funny,smart,a prankster,a ladies man,and secretly a bad boy and a player...(I know he's really not but I decided that it would add a little excitement to the story so bear with me)

One day these two are introduced to each other by Simon Cowell and Jazmine instantly caught her interest...but she didn't feel the same way...she detested him...tried her best to avoid him...can these two ever love?Or will she find out about his past?And will he find out about her's?Find out in...

Fire and Ice A Harry Styles Love Story


1. First Met

"Harder!",my trainer Joey said as I hit the pad on his hand.Angry,I punched it harder and harder until he fell flat on his ass."Is that hard enough for you?",I said sarcastically.He groaned and said as he pushed himself up,"Yes and that's enough for today..."I grinned and went to the changing room.When I came back out my old friend Simon Cowell and One Direction were talking to Joey.I started walking over and when I got into hearing range I heard Joey say,"Yeah Jazz just handed me my ass on a silver platter...I know what I'd wanna do with HER ass..."I grinned and said,"Surely you have something better to talk about than my ass" "Your boobies?",he said with a grin."You know tomorrow I'm gonna make you pay for that boobies comment...",I said with an evil grin.Joey's widened and he said,"Dear Lord Jesus help me..."I turned to Simon and said," What brings you here,Simon?"

Cliff hanger!!!!Ooh!!!So why did Simon and the boys come to see Jazmine?Find out in the next chapter of Fire an Ice

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