Do I love you?

Clementine is 18 and has lived through the apocalypse for so many years. After Lee, she meets a cabin group that see feels pretty comfortable with. Will she find love in a world thats messed up?
(Click/Cluke, rated Red for swearing, violence, and sexual themes.)


7. Chapter 7 - I Thought You Were Dead

The group climbed up the hill and went towards the cabin.

"Well? What are we waiting for?" Rebecca panted. "We have to be careful." Carlos said. "Careful? We've been on the road for 5 days. My back is done being careful." She said. Clementine went to a ledge and Luke stood next to her. "You..mind checking up top?" He gestured to the ski lift. She nodded. "You'd have a better time getting up there..mind taking a look?" "I already nodded." I rolled my eyes and chuckled. "Just take it slow. And i'll catch you if you fall." I smiled. "Probably." He finished. I rolled my eyes and started climbing the later. "The trick is not to look down, so don't." He says. When I was almost up my feet slipped. "Woah woah..just look at me! Okay your fine! Look at me." He said. I looked down at him. "You look like a idiot!" I said. "Just climb the thing!" He chuckled. I went to the top and pulled out my binoculars. "I can see the bridge- wait- I see something!" "What is it?" "A light! Wait! Theres another! Luke!" He ran towards the group who were arguing with another group. I started climbing down the laddar.

"Just tell us who we are!" "Are you trying to rob us?" "Excuse me honey but do I look like a fucking thief?" "Sarah get behind me!" I pushed through the crowd and my eyes widened.

"I thought you were dead."

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