Do I love you?

Clementine is 18 and has lived through the apocalypse for so many years. After Lee, she meets a cabin group that see feels pretty comfortable with. Will she find love in a world thats messed up?
(Click/Cluke, rated Red for swearing, violence, and sexual themes.)


6. Chapter 6 - On The Road

Nick stood up from his hiding place. "What are we gonna do?" He asked. "I don't know.." I started walking away but he grabbed my arm. He put his lips on top of mine suddenly, and everytime I tried to pull back he just held me closer.

"Ahem.." I heard Lukes voice behind us. Nick let go of me and I stared at Luke, who looked like he was almost crying. "Luke-" He pushed Nick against a wall. "No!" Luke pushed me back and held his arm too Nicks throat.

"Don't you even DARE try to fucking touch her!" He screams. I pulled them away from eachother. "Wh-" Nick cut me off. "Carver came here." He mumbled as the rest of the group walked in, including Sarah. "What?" Carlos yelled. "Clementine talked to him." Nick said sadly. "Did he say his name? Did he say what his name was?" "I didn't ask his name!" "HOW COULD YOU NOT ASK HIS NAME?!" "He had a gun, I didn't want to make him mad." I say and cross my arms. "Look, Clem. Just tell us what he looked like." Carlos says. "He had a mustache." I say. "We know damn well who it was." Alvin mumbled. "Alright, we need to go. Everyone go get your things!" I nodded and went upstairs to gather my things. Luke came up behind me. "Look..I just saying..if you wanna be with Nick you can." He says. "Wow, Luke...Just-" I left the room and head out the door with the rest of the group.

-5 days later-

"Look! A lodge." I say and point to a close lodge on a mountain. We all start walking towards it.

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