Do I love you?

Clementine is 18 and has lived through the apocalypse for so many years. After Lee, she meets a cabin group that see feels pretty comfortable with. Will she find love in a world thats messed up?
(Click/Cluke, rated Red for swearing, violence, and sexual themes.)


5. Chapter 5 - The Stranger

I quickly got out of bed, removing Lukes arm careful not to wake him up. I walked downstairs and Nick put his hand over my mouth and pulled me back. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I hiss. "Carvers here." He mumbles. "What?" I ask. "Carvers here!" He repeats. "Fine, go hide. Where is everyone else?" I mumble. "Well, Sarah went missing and they are all looking for her." He replies. "Just, go hide." I say. He knocks at the door. "Helloooo?" He bangs on it with his fist. Nick slides behind the couch. I go to press the lock when he opens the door. "Hello there." He says. "Who are you?" I ask. "Well actually i'm your neighbor." He says. "Whats your name?"

"....Carley." I say. "Carley? Thats a sweet name." He says. I cross my arms. "Well, I'll get to the point. I'm out looking for my people. Seven of them to be exact. They have been gone a long while, maybe you've seen them?" "Couple o' farm boys and a old man. Spanish guy and his daughter, quiet girl. A big black guy, this big. And a pretty little pregnant lady." He finishes. "No..I haven't seen them..sorry." I say. "You sure?" He asks. I nod. "Well, I think i've troubled you long enough..I can let myself out." He says and starts walking towards the door. "Wait! Who are you?!" I shout.

"You have a real good day now."

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