Do I love you?

Clementine is 18 and has lived through the apocalypse for so many years. After Lee, she meets a cabin group that see feels pretty comfortable with. Will she find love in a world thats messed up?
(Click/Cluke, rated Red for swearing, violence, and sexual themes.)


4. Chapter 4 - I Couldn't Bring Myself to Do it

"No.." I grabbed Lukes arm. "Please don't.." I mumble. He looks at me and nods. It was becoming late and thunder roared outside. I shook at the sound of the thunder.

-1 week later-

I laid on the couch, hearing thunder right outside the window. I couldn't sleep. I gathered my courage and I was brave enough. I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door too Lukes room. There was no answer so I peeked inside. "Luke?" I saw his figure sit up in the darkness. "Can..I sleep with you?" I mumble walking in. He pulls the covers up gesturing for me to join him. I jump in bed and bury my face in his chest, and notice he has no shirt on. My face flushed and he wrapped his arm around me. He pulled me close too him and I looked up at him. I was about to say something when he pressed his lips to mine. Our lips moved together and I felt..different. I felt like I wanted more. More than just a kiss. He slipped his hands underneath the hems of my shirt, still kissing me passionately. I smiled and ran my tongue across his bottom lip, and a small but thrilling moan came from deep inside of him. I kinda wanted to hear it again.

I laid in the bed with Luke on the other side. I felt so embarrassed. First we were kissing and then other things happened, he started fiddling with his pants and.. I couldn't bring myself to do it. I couldn't bring myself to do 'it' with Luke. I kinda wish I did, because I wanted too.

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