Do I love you?

Clementine is 18 and has lived through the apocalypse for so many years. After Lee, she meets a cabin group that see feels pretty comfortable with. Will she find love in a world thats messed up?
(Click/Cluke, rated Red for swearing, violence, and sexual themes.)


2. Chapter 2 - Together We Are Alone

I woke up, after a long night. Luke told me he loved me! This escalated quickly, But I didn't mind. I yawned and stretched my arms out. I slept on the couch, and I heard someone coming downstairs. I glanced behind me and it was Nick.

"Hey Clem, how'd you sleep?" He asks with a small smile.

"Good, thanks." I say and smile back. He nods. "So you met everyone?" He asks. I nod. "Well, me and Pete are going fishing, if you want you can come with us." I nod and stand up, getting my things.

"Alright, lets go!" He smiles. We walk out the door meeting Pete outside waiting for us. "Alright, lets go then." Pete says. We walk to the river and there was alot of dead bodies and such. "This..this doesn't look good. We should go!" Nick says. "Goddammit Nick, some of these folks might still be alive!" Pete yells. "Clem, check this side." Pete says as I jump on the rocks. I check the bodies and I hear a gunshot, walker moans, and Pete yelling. I turn around..and Pete was bit. "I'm fine..just lost my footing. DAMMIT, GOD DAMMIT!" He yelled. Walkers started coming towards Nick and Pete. "Come this way!" Nick screamed. "Dammit, you get your asses over here! Both of you!!" Pete yells. I make my way towards Nick and pete way getting torn to shreds by walkers. "Oh my god.." Nick said. "We have to go!" I yelled. I grabbed his hand tightly and started running into the woods. We made it to a small house and shut the door behind us.

We were alone, together.

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