Bell wakes up one morning to a smiling mother and is ordered to show the new boy in town around the school. Come and experience the relationship between Bell and Harry.


1. Prologue

Bell’s Pov.


I groaned turning to the left side of my bed putting one of my pillows over my uncovered ear. The clicking of the heels that had been travelling up the stairs came to a stop in front of my door. I could hear the laboured breathing of my mother and could just imagine her full pink lips taking in silent deep breaths to steady her breathing. My mom was never someone to come into any room looking unorganized. I signed sitting upright stretching my aching legs trying to get rid of some of the tension around my body. The handle of my door twists and my mum appears in the door way looking slightly flustered as her eyes land straight on the closed dark blue curtains that once shield me from the sun and the "outside world"

'Bell" she shrieks disapprovingly hastily moving towards them and opening them instantly. I frown turning to her as she hands me my school clothes and kisses my cheek. "Get dressed quickly and meet me downstairs" she says sweetly and my frown deepens as i proceed to do as she says.


"I dismissed my mom's weird behaviour slipping on my black pair of vans ignoring the new pair my mom had bought me, they were a shiny green colour which i found awful but i guess my mom is more into the attention bringing colours. I studied myself in the body length mirror once more before i stooped down to take my bag and my car keys, stuffing my them into my pocket. I closed my bedroom door and locked it , pulling the bronze coloured key out of its hole and twisting the door knob to make sure it's properly locked. I smiled walking down the staircase leading to the opened kitchen hallway.

"Mom" i said putting on my wrist watch. "In here" she answered cheerily, my eyebrows furrowed and i forced my feet forward to stare wide eyed at the seen in front of me. My mom sat in a chair along with a grown woman and a boy who looked my age. He had a lot of tattoos covering his body and he was wearing eyeliner. "Hello Bell , these are our new neighbours ,Katy and her son Harry and you will be showing him around the school today" she said the lady greeted me but the boy remained quiet scrolling through his phone with an arched eyebrow. "Is he supposed to ride with me then?" i asked folding my arms across my chest there was no way this rude guy was going to ride with me. "No am not going to be riding with you i will just be following your car” he said rolling his eyes and i just knew we would have a hard time getting along.



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