My Eyes Cannot Lie


1. Prologue

The disease was unexpected. No one thought that it could mutate as fast as it did. It was created as a weapon but it led to so much more. A terrorist organization used it as a weapon, set off in America, but before the world knew it it had mutated. Now it could travel through the air, survive water, it is unstoppable. Yet some are immune. Some of the immune live in luxury and the other, not so much. They live without laws and they live in danger. Those who were effected by the disease live in the other third of the the world. Mindless creatures that roam the cities, they are not zombies but more like monsters. They do not eat humans but they destroy everything, killing anything in their path including themselves. The world is over. This is reality.

So I have this idea for a story or book or whatever. It'll be about a girl who lives with a few people in the one third filled with the mindless creatures. She was part of an experiment done wrong and was stuck over there to die but didn't ect. If you like the idea comment or something and I will continue or maybe I will even if no one says anything. Just some support would be nice. Thanks

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