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Some people say don't really remember much from your toddler ages but a lot of major things happened when I was a toddler. I remember a lot from my childhood starting when I was two, I remember exactly how the plane looked that took me across the sea from London to L.A.. My mom wasn't rich enough to take care of me so she sent me off to live with my aunt all the way in California. Come with me through the ups and downs in my life




It was the middle of the school year and I loved school. "Mads!" I screamed and ran over to my best friend as she waited at the bus stop with her mommy. "Emms!" She screamed back and ran towards to hug me while my aunt trailed behind me.

Madelyn has been my best friend since I was two she was my first best friend and we did everything together. "Hey did you know there's a new kid moving into the neighborhood today?" She asked as we pulled away from our hug. "I totally forgot I hope he'll be our friend." I said then the bus pulled up.

"Have a great day!" My auntie exclaimed and kissed my forehead. I waved to her as I followed Madelyn onto the bus. As soon as we sat down we started talking again. "Is he coming to school today?" I asked Madelyn. "I dunno." She answered.

When we got to the class room we sat down at the orange table our usual table but is was only the two of us who sat there so we had plenty of room. "Hello class!" Our teacher exclaimed. 'Hi miss Emily' we all said back.

A little boy appeared from behind her. "Class I'd like you to meet your new classmate and friend so everyone say hi Liam." She said. 'Hi Liam' we all said back with me being the loudest. "Ok now who wants Liam to sit at there table?" Miss Emily asked and my hand shot up right away. "Ok looks like we have a volunteer Liam you can sit next to Emmi and she'll be your tour guide for the day." Miss Emily told him.

I pulled back a chair next to me and motioned him to sit there and when he sat down I smiled at him and said. "My names Emmi and this is Madelyn your now our friend but you have to learn our secret handshake."

I was very sweet as a child I always did what I was told and I was nice to everyone but I knew my ways and did everything in my own little style. Liam was surprised at first so I knew he didn't think he'd make friends right away him but a huge smile grew on his face." Hi I'm Liam I'd really like to be your friend and learn your secret handshake but what's with you voice?" He asked. "Oh I was born in England and American accents never grew on me." I replied.

"Wow that's so cool!" He responded. "When I grow up I wanna travel around the world like my daddy does." He added. "That's so cool I wanna do the exact same thing but I think we have to learn how to spell first!" I exclaimed. "Ok class listen up so we can start." Miss Emily said. From that moment on I knew we were gonna be friends forever.

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